What is Shu Sakamaki afraid of?

What is Shu Sakamaki afraid of? Shu has been scared of fire since childhood, as he assumed that his best friend Edgar died in a fire. Shu loves classical music.

How old is Yui? Born and raised in Fukuoka prefecture, she played live at various locations in her hometown before being noticed by Sony Music Japan when she was 17 years old, and released her debut single months later.

Yui (singer)

BornMarch 26, 1987 Koga, Fukuoka, Japan
GenresPop rock
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, musician

Who is the wife of Ayato Sakamaki? Yui Komori. As a result, Ayato grew to have feelings for Yui, growing attached to her and even stating that he loves her. He has married her in almost all of the Diabolik Lovers games.

Is Laito in love with Yui? I would say that Laito does love Yui in his own way, but he’s no where near comprehending it deeply. He does not change overly much, except to say that he lets go of his attachment to Cordeilia and keeps Yui instead. Here, he is not under threat to change or face his demons, so he has no crisis of self.

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Who killed Beatrix Sakamaki?

Reiji Sakamaki. As she lay dying, she was pleased to know that Reiji had grown up well knowing that he had orchestrated her death and that was a vampire’s mark of adulthood.

Who is the hottest anime guy?

50 Hottest and Sexiest Anime Guys

  • Yuri Katsuki (Yuri on Ice)
  • Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist) …
  • Sebastian (Black Butler) …
  • Kakashi (Naruto) …
  • Levi (Attack on Titan) …
  • Alucard (Hellsing Ultimate) …
  • Haku (Naruto) Haku is an orphan from the Land of Water. …
  • Soo-Won (Yona of the Dawn) Soo-Won is the king of the Kouka Kingdom. …

How old is Yui Diabolik Lovers?

Yui is the heroine of the Diabolik Lovers series. She is a beautiful, kind, gentle, and clumsy 17-year-old student, who used to live with her father, a priest, who owns his own church.

Who is the youngest in Diabolik Lovers?

Haru Sakamaki is the youngest son of Karlheinz and his third wife/cousin Christa and the youngest brother of all the Sakamaki brothers. He is the only full blooded sibling of Subaru Sakamaki.

How did Diabolik Lovers end?

Kanato’s Normal End: Yui kills the rest of the Sakamaki brothers in order to prove her love for Kanato. Kanato’s Bad End: Kanato and Yui become a couple, but then he gets jealous thinking everyone is taking her away from him. He then goes batshit, sets everyone on fire and kills them except Yui.

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