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What is sniper mask name?

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What is sniper mask name? Sniper Mask also known as ” Mr. Sniper “. His real name is Yuka Makoto. After Kuon Shinzaki’s “death” her powers were transfered to him.

Who is sniper mask love interest? Mayuko Nise. They begin as friends, but later become romantically involved with each other, sleeping together, kissing, and blushing at one other. Some critics call them “murder girlfriends” as they work together to fight off masked figures, saving each other multiple times.

How many unconfirmed kills did the white feather have? With 93 confirmed kills and around 300 unconfirmed, he is one of the deadliest Marine Corps snipers in history. The enemy gave Hathcock the nickname Long Tra’ng du K’ich, «White Feather Sniper,» because he notoriously hunted with a white feather tucked into the band of his bush hat.

Is Sniper Mask a killer? Sniper Mask is the name used to refer to one of the first masked killers encountered by Yuri Honjo, wearing a black suit and fedora and armed with a sniper rifle.

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Does Kuon have a crush on Sniper Mask?

In the anime, select participants are chosen to become God Candidates, and a girl named Kuon Shinzaki is one of them. She’s introduced a bit later in the series, but she is depicted as a naïve girl with a slight crush on Sniper Mask.

Is the mask immortal?

Also, the Mask has absolute immortality, regardless of what kind of wound it is. Whether it’s the destruction of the universe, or even the multiverse.

How old is the white feather?

Carlos Hathcock
Birth nameCarlos Norman Hathcock II
Nickname(s)“White Feather”
BornMay 20, 1942 Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.
DiedFebruary 22, 1999 (aged 56) Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.

Is Sniper Mask an Angel?

Also known as “Mr. Sniper”, Sniper Mask is an Angel who wields a sniper rifle. He has an unknown connection to Rika.

Is Sniper Mask a God?

Sniper Mask also known as the “Mr. Sniper”. His real name is Makoto Yuuka. After Kuon Shinzaki’s “death” her powers were transferred to him, becoming a God Candidate.

Does Kuon end up with Sniper Mask?

Summary. The Hibernation as well as the Defragmentation of the mask program was completed by Kuon Shinzaki. She does the life transfer on Sniper Mask and asks him if he would be the person who became close to God on her behalf.

What is maid mask real name?

Cherami Leigh is the English dub voice of Maid Mask in High-Rise Invasion, and Sayaka Kitahara is the Japanese voice.

Who is Sniper Mask to Yuri?

Yuka Makoto better known as Sniper Mask, and also known as “Mr. Mask” is the anti-heroic supporting character of High-Rise Invasion. He is the brother to Rika Honjo and a stepbrother of Yuri Honjo.

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