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What is Swallow the Star about?

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What is Swallow the Star about? Swallowed Star is a Chinese Donghua set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian metropolis where the outside world has crumbled as a result of the RR virus, capable of mutating the organisms on earth into man eating beasts. These beasts have a hierarchal system where each species has a King, General, Captains, Majors etc.

Who killed Luo Feng? Luo Feng killed his clone who has 40% of his soul in chapter 911. He was killed by Hu Yan Bo in chapter 1409.

How strong is Luo Feng? Remote Ocean body’s life gene level is 300 times stronger than humans, while the World Tree is around 1,000 times stronger (Luo Feng wanted to breed the World Tree but failed). Unlike the World Tree he is flesh and the blood body which means he can practice the Nine Volume Manual which means he has unlimited potential.

Is Luo Feng the strongest? Luo Feng is one of the strongest figures within the novel Lord Xue Ying, his blade being the most frightening among all Overlords, and is, in fact, the protagonist of Swallowed Star.

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Who is Hong In swallowed star?

He is the first chairman of Earth and also the strongest person on Earth. The only person who can compete with him in terms of power is Thunder God. Hong is also the head and founder of the Dojo of Limits, and one of the few people who knows that Earth is considered a really weak star in the galaxy.

Does nangong Xu like Luo Fenghua?

Nangong Xu shows his beloved Luo Fenghua how much he adores him, with all the wealth the Rufeng sect owns.

Who is the most powerful character in swallowed star?

Zhi Xi, one of the most powerful members of the Extreme Martial Club, his power and influence equals that of the founder of the Extreme Martial Club, Hong, the strongest man in the world and one of the big five Extreme Martial Club inspectors. He is so powerful that he can easily defeat a War God.

Why are there two Mei Hanxue?

While it is hinted at through out the series, Mei Hanxue is confirmed to be two people – twin brothers – in chapter 290. Their names are pronounced the same, but are written with different characters. When one brother needs to be in disguise they will wear a human skin mask to hide their identity.

Is Ye Wangxi in love with nangong Si?

Nangong Si was the only of Rufeng Sect leader Nangong Liu and Madom Rong. He was also the love interest of Ye Wangxi and was the nephew of Nangong Xu.

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Table of Contents
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