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What is Takumi’s dad’s car?

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What is Takumi’s dad’s car? History. After his son, Takumi, joins Project D, Bunta Fujiwara plans to get himself a new car, as the Eight-Six that him and his son use is used by Takumi more than himself. He asks his friend and mechanic Masashi Suzuki to find him a new car to drive, eventually getting him a Subaru Impreza.

Are there any Hondas in Initial D? Honda Civic Type-R (EK9). Campaigned by the very professional Toda School, a dangerous rival to Takumi, this sixth-generation Civic Type-R had excellent handling a rev-happy power. Even though it was a front-driver, it still got the respect, and very nearly beat Takumi’s beloved AE86.

What does 180SX stand for? The name 180SX was originally in reference to the 1.8 liter displacement CA18DET engine used in the chassis. In 1991, however, the engine was upgraded to a 2.0 liter model, offered in two forms: the turbocharged SR20DET variant and the naturally aspirated SR20DE engine, which was introduced in 1996.

Who drives the 180SX in Initial D? Kenji drives his 180SX as part of the Akina SpeedStars, his childhood best friend Koichiro Iketani’s team.

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Was there an Integra in Initial D?

Arcade Stage Debut. Smiley Sakai’s Honda Integra Type R (DC2), known simply as the Integra or as the Integra Type R, is the signature vehicle of Todo School student Smiley Sakai.

Who invented drifting?

How did it start? Drifting was first made popular in Japan and was quickly adopted by the west in the late ’90s. It was started by a Japanese racing driver called Kunimitsu Takahashi who started his career in motorcycling but turned his hand to the car racing in the All Japan Touring Car Championship.

How much HP did Takumi’s AE86 have?

This engine had around 240HP, although it was likely tuned down for road use, and revved at 11,000RPM. It had a displacement of 1587cc and was naturally aspirated.

Are S13 and 180SX the same car?

In Europe, the S13 was named the 200SX, and featured the CA18DET powerplant under the hood. This was essentially the same car as the 180SX, but never got the SR20DET upgrade.

How fast can a 180SX go?

the topspeed was limited to 180km/h at the orginal JDM 180SX, the 180SX was sold in Germany as 200SX with the same specs than the JDM 180SX, unlimited topspeed in Germany was 235km/h.

How many 180SX are left?


180SX 30 (96.8%) 126,662 mi
180SX E-RPS13 1 (3.2%) 189,455 mi

Who has beat Takumi?

Shinji is known as Takumi Fujiwara’s final opponent, facing off against him in the downhill at the Tsubaki Line. In Final Stage, Shinji shocks Takumi with his smooth driving skills and approach of each corner, often pulling away at each one, which had never happened to Takumi before.

Who is the strongest in Initial D?

1. Bunta – That goes without saying. 2. Ryosuke, Takumi barely beat him on his own course, i think he would whoop his ass anywhere else.

Who drove an S13 in Initial D?

We dive deep on the Nissan S13’s that are in popular culture, specifically focusing on Koichiro Iketani of Initial D fame.

Is there an S2000 in Initial D?

Toshiya Joshima’s Honda S2000 (AP1), known simply as the S2000 or the S2K, is the signature vehicle of Purple Shadow veteran Dr. Toshiya Joshima.

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