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What is the best combat art in Sekiro?

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What is the best combat art in Sekiro? Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Best Combat Arts Ranked

  • The Ashina Cross.
  • Praying Strikes.
  • Whirlwind Slash.
  • The Shadowrush.
  • Shadowfall.
  • One Mind.
  • Nightjar Slash.
  • Praying Strikes – Exorcism.

Is NG+ harder Sekiro? Enemies deal significantly more damage in each NG+, including Posture damage. XP gain is increased for each NG+, up to and including NG+7.

Where is Emma old grave? At the Old Grave site (just left of the Old Grave Sculptor Idol), Emma will be standing in front of the two graves. Speak with Emma to learn that she needs to speak to Orangutan at his temple. In other words she is going to speak with the Sculptor at the Dilapidated Temple.

What to do after killing an owl? After defeating Owl at the Ashina Castle (Dusk) by refusing to abandon Lord Kuro, you can return to the young lord, and eavesdrop on him from the back of the room behind a screen. After this, look for Emma at the top of the tower and speak with her to confirm that Lord Kuro should not be allowed to die.

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How do I get a fathers bell?

Teleport to the Dilapidated Temple, where inside you’ll find Emma talking with the Sculptor: hug the other side of the wall in front of them to eavesdrop. Talk to Emma and choose “Ask about what you overheard”, exhausting all her dialogues, and then select “Ask what she is hiding” to receive the Father’s Bell Charm.

Why does Sekiro become Shura?

Consumed by the bloodlust of the battle and knowing that he betrays those who love him, Wolf becomes Shura, a warrior who has no emotional connection beyond seeking the next person to cut down. Any warrior is at risk of becoming Shura if they enjoy the killing too much.

Is Owl father missable?

NOTE: This boss is actually missable if you don’t follow the Purification ending steps before defeating the Divine Dragon (you just need to ring the bell to access the area; you can defeat this boss anytime once the area is unlocked).

Which is the canon ending Sekiro?

Return or Dragon’s Homecoming is the “final” and “true” ending of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is a difficult ending as it requires players to complete time-sensitive steps along their playthrough, so it will likely be unlocked on NG+ and beyond. It is considered the best possible ending for the game.

What happens if you give Sakura Droplet to Kuro?

Alone the Sakura Droplet is just another item. However, if you give it to either Kuro or the Divine Child, you will activate an additional resurrection node, from 2 to 3.

Can you eavesdrop Kuro after killing owl?

Can you get the charm back from Kuro?

No you can not give it back again until your next playthrough. The Charm is not something to be turned on and off at your leisure, you make the choice at the start of the game, and you can take back your choice once if you struggle, but that is final.

Should I forsake Kuro or stay loyal?

When you’re on the roof with the Owl, simply forsake him and stay loyal to Kuro. You’ll have to fight him to get to this ending, and it’s a difficult fight. Once you topple him, simply follow the game through to the end without doing anything extra and you will get the Immortal Severance ending.

Should I help Kuro or obey?

Owl will ask you whether you want to “Obey the Iron Code, Forsake Kuro” or “Break the Iron Code, Stay Loyal to Kuro.” Choose the second of those, staying loyal to the Divine Heir, and you’ll be funnelled down the path that sees you properly protecting Kuro, which is nice.

What is the best ending for Kuro?

Once Owl has been defeated, chat to Kuro at Ashina Castle. Give Kuro the ‘Rice of Kuro’ item, then fast travel and back again, to receive the Sweet Rice Ball. Consume it.

Should I give Sakura Droplet to Kuro or divine child?

Where do I use the Sakura Droplet? After you defeat Genichiro Ashina, give the Sakura Droplet to Kuro the Divine Heir at the top of Ashina Castle, and you’ll receive an addition Resurrective Power node.

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