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What is the best team in Arknights?

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What is the best team in Arknights? Arknights Top Operating Tier List

  • Vanguard – Siege. When it comes to the battlefield, you must prioritize having a vanguard. …
  • Defender – Saria. Defenders are known to be the toughest fighters in Arknights. …
  • Sniper – Exusiai. Next on the list of top Arknights best characters is Exusiai. …
  • Caster – Eyjafjalla.

Where is Amiya from? Amiya is the leader of Rhodes Island and leads the island in fighting for the future of the Infected and striving to exorcise the dark shadow of Originium from the land.

What is true damage Arknights? Pure damage, also known as True damage, are not subject to reductions by DEF and RES; in other words, the damage dealt/taken will always be exactly at the specified amount, as well as ignoring any protection against Physical and Arts damage.

What is the disease in Arknights? Natural disasters leave behind a valuable mineral, originium, which infects people with a progressive disease, oripathy, but also allows them to also use “Arts” (magic). Because oripathy is highly infectious and invariably mortal, the infected are shunned and persecuted.

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Is the doctor in Arknights human?

Ambiguously Human: The Doctor’s true appearance is deliberately left ambiguous, so it’s next to impossible to tell what race they actually are.

Who is the enemy in Arknights?

Enemies in Arknights are units that must be defeated by the player in operations. Currently, there are six types of enemies: Arts Creation, Drone, Infected Creature, Possessed, Sarkaz, and Sea Monster, and they are divided into three classes: Normal, Elite, and Boss.

What gender is doctor in Arknights?

↑ The original Chinese text uses the pronoun “他” which can also be gender-neutral aside from its masculine nature, while the Japanese localization refers to the Doctor reflexively and never uses gendered terms, and the English localization uses the singular they whenever it arises.

Who is the villain in Arknights?

Type of Villain. Alex, (also known as Skullshatter) is a supporting antagonist in the mobile game Arknights. He is a Reunion cell leader and the brother of Misha.

What animal is Amiya?

From the anime-inspired mobile game series Arknights comes the cute palm-sized plush of the mascot rabbit in Amiya’s clothing from Rhodes Island. It can sit upright and is very fluffy!

Is Amiya guard good?

Amiya’s Guard form is a pretty powerful unit considering she is a free 5★. She has really strong damage and healthy team support, and since she starts at E2 already, investment is pretty appealing.

Who is the best Arknights operator?

  • Anti-Air + Burst Attack. A. Platinum. – – –
  • Burst Attack Snipers. A. Schwarz. Rosa. – – B. Provence. Firewatch. Andreana. – C. Ambriel. – – –
  • AoE Snipers. A. W. Meteorite. – – B. Shirayuki. Sesa. – – C. Catapult. – – –
  • Close-Range Operators. B. Executor. – – –

Who is the best character in Arknights?

All of the Arknights characters ranked. If you’re looking for something new to play, make sure you check out our list of the best gacha games.


Tier Character
A Flametail, Reed, Saileach, Texas, Vigna, Zima
B Chiave, Courier, Grani, Scavenger
C Beanstalk, Fang, Plume, Vanilla
D Yato
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