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What is the max level in Guardian Tales?

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What is the max level in Guardian Tales? The initial level limit is 30, which can be raised by beating the last stage of normal world chapters. When a character reaches the current max level, and if they’re evolved to Grade 5, they will unlock “Limit break”, enabling extra levels. You can limit break a hero up to five times (Reaching level 77).

How many evolution stones are in Guardian tales? The amount of Hero Evolution stones required to upgrade the Star Level will depend on the Star level of the Character, but you can Evolve a hero once you gain 40 Hero Evolution Stones for that Hero which will always raise that Character’s basic stats.

How do you increase SP in Guardian tales? Leveling it up will increase Heavenhold’s buildings max lvl, increase hero capacity. Building where Heroes stay together. It’s the center of Heavenhold. Leveling it up will increase Heavenhold’s SP Storage Capacity.

What is the fastest way to get stronger in Guardian tales? How can I make my team stronger?

  • Hero. – You can increase your heroes’ levels by spending EXP on them. …
  • Equipment. – You can enhance your equipment to increase their statistics for both your weapons and accessories. …
  • Others. – Build and upgrade Landmark buildings in your Heavenhold.

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Where is Kaden chronicles in Guardian tales?

The third book Kaden Chronicles will be found in World 5 Treasure Cave. While the player can clear the stage without defeating all the enemies, if the player defeats the ones on the left side and go past them, the player will see a table with the comic book on top.

Who is the stronger in Guardian Tales?

Our pick for the strongest hero in Guardian Tales is Future Princess. She might even be too strong for this game. If you’re lucky enough to get Future Princess, invest everything you have in her. She is an amazing choice for leader since her weapon skill triggers a chain after only one cast.

How do I get more gold in Guardian tales?

Gold is the basic currency in the game. It can be obtained by defeating enemies, completing quests, daily rewards, event rewards, clearing tower stages, selling gear, and more.

How do you upgrade Sky Garden?

By increasing your SP Storage Capacity you will be able to upgrade your Inn, which is necessary in order to purchase new buildings and upgrade them to higher levels.

How do you level up characters in Guardian tales?

How do you exchange evolution stones in Guardian tales?

Press the “Exchange Evolution Stone” button to automatically select the Evolution Stone of the evolved Hero. Normal Hero Evolution Stones cannot be exchanged. Up to 20 types of Evolution Stones can be exchanged at once.

Is Guardian Tales finished?

Season 1 will come to an end with the soon to be released Chapter 11. However, it is just the beginning of the adventure for the Guardians and Little Princess! The journey to seek the Champion Sword continues in Season 2 with a completely new world and progression.

How do you get the secret cave in Guardian tales?

Main Rewards. Do not leave the map at the official exit but go back to the reddish-brown platform which is formed like a horseshoe. At the left side there is a single spot where the player can jump down to the left. The player gets to a secret pathway which will bring them to the Treasure Cave.

Who is Kaden guardian tales?

Kaden the Hero is an Attack Type Story Hero. A corrupted version of him is fought at the end of Hero Temple (10-6), after which he is purified, and joins the group. Kaden was originally a God Tier hero.

Is Dungeon link related to Guardian tales?

Distant Sequel: Guardian Tales is set around 500 years after the events of Kong Studios’ defunct puzzle game Dungeon Link.

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