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What is the oldest Bakugan?

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What is the oldest Bakugan? Nova Lion (Japanese version: Sage Lao Hu (賢者ラオフー, Kenja Raofuu?)), also called Noble Lion and Nobillion, was the oldest Bakugan in Vestroia.

Who is the strongest Bakugan ever? Neo Dragonoid. Although he is weaker than his previous form, he still is one of the strongest bakugan.

How old are bakugans? Bakugan Battle Brawlers made its debut in Japan on TV Tokyo on Ap, and was rebroadcast six days later on BS Japan.

Are elemental Bakugan rarer than diamond? Elemental Bakugan, also known as Elemental-Rare, is a type of Chase Rarity of Bakugan in the Bakugan Reboot, introduced in Bakugan: Geogan Rising. They are Variant Bakugan that can rarely be found in stores. They are listed as “Ultra Rare” and were designed to be rarer than Diamond Bakugan.

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What does Pyrus mean in Bakugan?

Pyrus (Japanese version: Nova (ノヴァ, Novu~a?)) is the Attribute (or Faction) of Fire. The Legendary Soldier of Pyrus was Apollonir. The current soldier is Drago. Pyrus can be found at the inner core of the universe and is inhabited by Bakugan who draw their strength from the blazing heat that surrounds them.

How did Bakugan end?

The final match of the Neo Bakugan City Tournament is finally under way. Gunz and Reptak fight their hardest against Dan and Drago, but despite putting up a good fight, Dan and Drago defeat them, and remain as the champions.

Are Vestals human?

The Vestals (Japanese version: Vestars (ヴェスター, Vu~esutā?)) are a humanoid alien race that are almost identical to humans, except for the eyes.

What is the weakest Bakugan?

Serpenoid is one of the three Bakugan first introduced in the first video game, alongside Saurus and Juggernoid. Its base G Power is 150 Gs in the Bakugan Store, making it the weakest Bakugan playable. Serpenoids are available in every attribute.

Who is Dan’s love interest in Bakugan?

Dan Kuso
Brawling Information
Main attributePyrus
Partner BakuganFusion Dragonoid (Drago) Apollonir (Temporary) (Deceased) Dragonoid Colossus (Deceased) Reptak (Temporary)

What are 16 Vestal Virgins?

“One of sixteen vestal virgins, who were leaving for the coast…” In ancient Roman religion, the Vestal Virgins were the priestesses of Rome’s oldest Goddess-matriarch, Vesta. They were chosen in childhood from prominent Roman families to serve for thirty years.

How long did Vestals stay virgins?

Chosen between the ages of 6 and 10 by the pontifex maximus (“chief priest”), Vestal Virgins served for 30 years, during which time they had to remain virgins.

How many times did Drago evolve?

Trivia. Drago only evolved through battle experience three times: into Delta Dragonoid, Ultimate Dragonoid, and Fusion Dragonoid.

How old is Dan Kuso?

Dan Kuso. Daniel “Dan” Kuso (known in the Japanese version as Danma Kuso (空操 弾馬, Kūsō Danma) and nicknamed Dan (ダン, Dan)) is the main human protagonist in the series, who, is 12 years old (11 in the Japanese dub) in the first season, 15 in New Vestroia, 16 in Gundalian Invaders, and 17 in Mechtanium Surge.

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Table of Contents
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