What is the point of Akudama Drive?

What is the point of Akudama Drive? Set in a dystopian future in Kansai, the story follows a young woman who accidentally becomes a criminal known as Akudama, who are pursued by the government, though she decides to take a fake identity, Swindler, in order to survive after meeting Courier. The series aired from October to December 2020.

How tall is Courier Akudama Drive? Description. From the anime series “Akudama Drive” comes a PVC figure of the Courier. It stands 18 cm tall and comes in a window box packaging.

Was the Courier born in a vault? The Courier is the playable character in Fallout New Vegas. Unlike most of the playable characters in the series, the Courier was not born in a vault. This means the Courier was able to explore the Mojave Wasteland and the surrounding areas before the player takes control.

Where did Brother and Sister go in Akudama Drive? Background. The Sister is first discovered by the Akudama inside the vault on the Shinkansen, along with her Brother. She is revealed to be half of the gift meant to be brought to Kantō. The Akudama are to bring her to a secret location called “001003” underneath Expo Park.

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What does the main character drive in Initial D?

Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 (Hachi-Roku). Painted in a signature panda white and black, and emblazoned with the logo of the Fujiwara Tofu shop, this is the hero car of the series, driven by young racing prodigy Takumi Fujiwara, who doesn’t actually seem to care much about racing.

Who is the protagonist of Sunset Overdrive?

Sam is a main character in Sunset Overdrive. He is the Player’s first rescue-ee and a companion.


Voice ActorDavid Blue
Love Interest4Kim

Who is the main character in Manhunt?

James Earl Cash is the main protagonist of Manhunt. Cash was a former inmate at Darkwoods Penitentiary, where he had been on death row for the past three years.

Who is the villain in Akudama Drive?

After saving what she thought was a black cat, the girl pretends to be a criminal named “Swindler” to avoid being killed by the other Akudama.

Swindler (Akudama Drive)

Created byKazutaka Kodaka, Tomohisa Taguchi
Voiced byTomoyo Kurosawa (Japanese), Macy Anne Johnson (English)
In-universe information
AliasOrdinary Citizen

What should I watch after Akudama Drive?

If you liked Akudama Drive and loved the cyberpunk, futuristic aesthetic then i definitely recommend watching Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Both have a stunning art, atmosphere and interesting story.

Is Akudama Drive worth watching?

“Akudama Drive” is an excellent title, with its sole flaw being that it takes a while to truly “begin”, while the title of ‘one of the best of 2020’ is definitely accurate.

How did Courier lose his arm?

One day after returning from his work, he found that the woman had been killed by a stranger who broke into the house. The latter shot his gun at him, and during that incident, the Courier lost his hand.

Why is it called Akudama Drive?

“Long ago, war broke out between the regions of Kanto and Kansai, splitting the country in two. Kansai became a vassal state of Kanto and developed characteristic advancements. However, with the decline of the government and the police force, crime ran rampant. Those criminals are called Akudama.”

Is Akudama Drive popular?

Why Akudama Drive’s Popularity Is Revving Up With Anime Fans. Akudama Drive has grabbed audiences with stylish visuals, crazy characters and carefully planned plot twists.

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