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What is the synonym of solidarity?

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What is the synonym of solidarity? Synonyms of ‘solidarity’ in British English. I found myself in total accord. stability. cohesion. team spirit. camaraderie.

What is a solidary person? solidary in American English. (ˈsɑlɪˌderi) adjective. characterized by or involving community of responsibilities and interests.

How do you use solidary? Examples of ‘solidarity’ in a sentence

  • We have good solidarity in the group.
  • We will show solidarity and we will obey the law. …
  • They need not just sympathy but solidarity and support. …
  • It implies a man who prefers looking sharp to expressing solidarity.

Who is a solitary person? a person who lives alone or in solitude, or avoids the society of others. a person who lives in solitude from religious motives.

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What is an act of solidarity?

uncountable noun. If a group of people show solidarity, they show support for each other or for another group, especially in political or international affairs.

What is the difference between joint and solidary?

They relate to performances which by their nature have to be rendered in common by several debtors, bound to the creditor by a single contract. A joint obligation is distinguished from a solidary obligation in that the creditor in a joint obligation can take action only against all the debtors together.

What is the synonym of abstruse?

esoteric, perplexing, abstract, complex, complicated, deep, enigmatic, heavy, hidden, incomprehensible, intricate, involved, muddy, obscure, profound, puzzling, recondite, subtle, unfathomable, vague.

What does social solidarity mean?

Social solidarity emphasizes the interdependence between individuals in a society, which allows individuals to feel that they can enhance the lives of others. It is a core principle of collective action and is founded on shared values and beliefs among different groups in society.

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Table of Contents