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What is the weakest Bankai?

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What is the weakest Bankai? 5/10 INCREDIBLY WEAK: Ikkaku Madarame — Ryūmon Hōzukimaru. To top it all off, Ikkaku’s Bankai (and Shikai too, for that matter) are extremely brittle, meaning that he can’t withstand the heat of battle for too long.

Is Azashiro stronger than zaraki? Azashiro is consistently able to finesse the entire Gotei 13 and its government at once. He was able to fight Kenpachi Zaraki in sword combat for some time. He’s a highly skilled master of Kido who can use many high level Kido.

Is Azashiro the strongest Kenpachi? No, because there are other races who are objectively stronger, and the name “Kenpachi” is incredibly inconsistent. If Kenpachi meant “strongest physical Shinigami”, then Azashiro wouldn’t have been able to become Kenpachi.

Who was the 9th Kenpachi? 7th: Kenpachi Kuruyashiki (may or may not be canon) 8th: Kenpachi Azashiro (may or may not be canon) 9th: Unknown. 10th: Kenpachi Kiganjo.

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Who is the 7th Kenpachi?

Kenpachi Kuruyashiki (刳屋敷剣八, Kuruyashiki Kenpachi) was once a captain of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13. He was the 7th Kenpachi, until he was killed by his successor, Sōya Azashiro.

Who is the 2nd Kenpachi?

Kenpachi Shūjo (醜女 剣八, Shūjo Kenpachi) was the second captain of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13. Her lieutenant at that time is unknown.

How do I become a Kenpachi?

Kenpachi (剣八, Sword-Eight) is the title that is only given to the strongest Shinigami. It is an ironclad rule that there can be only one Kenpachi per generation, meaning that the predecessor must die for the killer to succeed the title. To inherit this title, the candidate must kill the current Kenpachi in battle.

Is yachiru Kenpachi’s Zanpakuto?

Yachiru is not Kenpachi’s Zanpakuto or the spirit of his Zanpakuto. She is a Shinigami who has her own Zanpakuto as shown in her battle against Gremmy ‘the Quincy who could make things he imagined real’. She is a soul from Kasajishi district of Rukongai.

Who was the first Kenpachi?

Retsu Unohana (卯ノ花 烈, Unohana Retsu), formerly known as Yachiru Unohana (卯ノ花 八千流, Unohana Yachiru), was the former captain of the Fourth Division in the Gotei 13. She was one of the oldest and most experienced captains, and was Soul Society’s best healer, as well as the first person to wield the name “Kenpachi”.

Is there a form stronger than Bankai?

8/10 Shikai Stronger Than Bankai: Zangetsu. Zangetsu has proven capable of taking on highly trained combatants without much damage to either itself or its user, Ichigo Kurosaki. However, the double Zangetsus, incorporating the young Shinigami’s inner Hollow and Quincy, form a far stronger Shikai than ever seen before.

Is there a form higher than Bankai?

Shukai (主解, Mastered Release) is the third and final upgraded form of the Zanpakutō. It is the form of the Zanpakutō that displays both the Shinigami and the Zanpakutō’s true form and power. Like with Bankai, the Zanpakutō recieves a new name based on its upgraded abilities.

Why does ikkaku keep his Bankai hidden?

His bankai is a massive tri-pieced sword which is used solely for attack. Ikkaku hides the fact he has achieved bankai because his only goal is to surpass his captain, Kenpachi Zaraki. For that reason alone he became a Soul Reaper along with his childhood friend, Yumichicka.

Why is Ichigo’s Zanpakuto always in Shikai?

Ichigo’s Zanpakutou is always in Shikai form, because Ichigo’s spiritual power is so intense that he can’t keep his sword sealed. Kenpachi Zaraki, the captain of the eleventh division, also has his Zanpakutou in Shikai mode all the time for the same reason.

Why is Azashiro always in Bankai?

Azashiro’s Bankai grants him the ability to fuse with ALL of his surroundings and to control it. His internal world is constantly fused with the outside world while he uses his bankai.

Is Azashiro still alive?

Shortly afterwards, however, the entire Azashiro Clan was framed for crimes they did not commit, and all members and servants were sentenced to death by fighting Hollows. As Sōya and his sister were the last ones standing, she sacrificed herself to kill the last Hollow in the pit to save her brother.

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