What is Yabai?

What is Yabai? Yabai is an adjective denoting that something is bad or dangerous. Its original connotations were that the speaker felt he or she was in imminent danger or was about to be inconvenienced.

What is Wakaru? The Japanese word wakaru, pronounced “wah-kah-roo,” is translated to mean “to understand,” “to see,” or “to follow.”

What is Amari in Japanese? Meaning 意味. Learn Japanese grammar: あまり (amari). Meaning: so much… that. If you want to use this with an adjective, use あまりにも (amari ni mo) instead.

What does Wakata mean in Japanese? Wakatta and wakarimashita are both past tense and is more like “understood” or “I got it” where as wakatteru is more like “I get it” or “I understand”.

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What is Yoku Yatta?

This verb やる (yaru) has many meanings, but in this case, it means “to do” in Japanese. With this knowledge, we can understand that やった (yatta) means “done” or “did in Japanese. We can understand that the literal meaning of よくやった (yoku yatta) is “well done.”

What is yada yada mean in Japanese?

Yada yada means like etcetera, or something to that effect. In japanese that Iyada thing might mean No way, or nah.

What is Hayaku?

Japanese adjectives conjugate to become adverbs. We can change I adjectives that end with syllable I, such as HAYAI (early), to adverbs by changing the final I to KU. So, HAYAI becomes HAYAKU. If HAYAKU and NARIMASHITA (have become) are linked together, they become HAYAKU NARIMASHITA (have become early).

What is Yokatta?

よかった [YOKATTA] It was good. / I’m glad. YOKATTA is the past form of an adjective, II (good). It is an expression used in a casual conversation between friends. So, the polite way of ending a sentence, DESU, is omitted.

Why do Japanese say Yatta?

The song title, yatta, is the past tense of the Japanese verb yaru (“to do”), an exclamation meaning “It’s done!”, “I did it!”, “Ready!” or “All right!” The song and video have been used as a web culture in-joke on many different websites. “Yatta!”

What is Sasuga?

A brief summary of Sasuga and how it can be used. So in summary, Sasuga さすが is a word that can be used as a stand alone phrase to express “as one would expect; just as you’d expect (from); just like (someone)”.

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