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What is Yuli in Sirius the Jaeger?

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What is Yuli in Sirius the Jaeger? Yuriychka “Yuliy” Jirov (ユーリィゲロフ, Yūri Gerofu), with his full name being Yuliy Jirov (ユーリィ・ジロフ, Yūryi Jirofu), is the main protagonist of Sirius the Jaeger. He is half werewolf, with exceptional physical ability. He has sworn to take revenge on vampires who destroyed his homeland and became “Jaeger” ever since.

Who is Yuliy in love with? Ryouko becomes interested in Yuliy at first sight. However, it is implied that she holds feelings for him, but she denies it in embarrassment whenever Dorothea teases her about it.

How did Mikhail become a vampire? His mother died in the process but Mikhail and Yuliy were able to run away and survive but at that time, they were also being persuaded therefore by protecting his brother he died. Yevgraf found him and turned him into a vampire against his will.

What happened to Tamara in Sirius the Jaeger? After she was saved by Yuliy when Yevgraf went on something of a murderous rampage, Tamara was confused as to why he would save her after her previous years of killing people. Later on at the end of the series she became allies with Yuliy.

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What does Sirius mean in Sirius the Jaeger?

The Sirius ( 天狼 シリウス , Tenrō/Shiriusu, lit. Werewolf) is an ancient werewolf race originating from Asian family line, with their roots in Mongolia. They have created a flourishing civilization in Karafuto, where the Ark of Sirius was also created.

What is Sirius the Jaeger based on?

The series is not based on any known manga thus it has no source material to work from. Sirius the Jaeger was written by Keigo Koyanagi who has previously worked on other titles such as Angel Beats and Under the Dog. Any further seasons may require his involvement to produce more of the story.

Is Mikhail a hybrid?

Powers and Abilities. Mikhail is a hybrid born from a human and the very first Archangel.

Is Sirius the Jaeger worth watching?

It doesn’t make for the deepest show, but as pure entertainment it’s a cut above most other Netflix “original” anime. It doesn’t hurt that director Masahiro Ando is hella good at directing action scenes. If nothing else, Sirius is nice to watch in motion.

Is Mikhail a vampire Vanitas?

After being conditioned to the Vampire of the Blue Moon’s blood, he and Vanitas became the Vampire’s “pseudo-Kin,” gaining bodies marginally beyond that of humans and becoming able to heal slightly faster.

What weapon does Yuliy use?

03 “Indelible Memories” younger Yuliy is seen with a Krnka M1869 Rifle during a deer hunt with his brother.

Who is bishop in Sirius the Jaeger?

Grant George is the English dub voice of Bishop in Sirius the Jaeger, and Kenji Hamada is the Japanese voice.

How old is Yuliy?

A 17-year-old half-werewolf, Yuliy harbors a longstanding grudge against vampires, who were responsible for the destruction of his home village, becoming a Jaeger in order to hunt them down. Used to being alone, Yuliy has an unapproachable air but also has a softer side.

Is Yuli a werewolf?

They are followed by a group of vampire hunters called “Jaegers” under the cover of being staff of the “V Shipping Company”. Among them is a young “Sirius” man called Yuliy, a werewolf whose home village was destroyed by “Vampires”.

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