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What level is AIS Wallenstein?

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What level is AIS Wallenstein? Ais Wallenstein. Aliased the Sword Princess (剣姫, Kenki), she is a level 5 adventurer who has killed over a thousand monsters and has turned down just as many suitors.

Who is the black Minotaur in Danmachi? Asterius (アステリオス) is a Minotaur Xenos. Asterius is a large Xenos, described to be more than two meters tall, with jet black hide, red horns, boulder like muscles, and wears full plate armor that’s somewhat small for his size, making it seem like light armor.

How old is Finn in Danmachi? He has a small body, but is still strong. Finn has the appearance of a child despite being over 40 years old.

Is Lili a Prum or a Chienthrope? Lili is using a spell to change race. She isn’t human to begin with, but a “prum” (which is possibly a hobbit). In the manga her appearance as a chienthrope is really different than from her prum appearance by the way (so it makes more sens since she’s hiding from her familia).

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What is Hestia the god of in Danmachi?

Hestia is the Goddess of Hearth, and because of that, she is incredibly focused on protecting and providing for her home. In this case, her home is her familia, who she is constantly shown going above and beyond for.

Who has the highest level in DanMachi?

1/10 Alber Waldstein. Albert Waldstein has been confirmed as the most powerful adventurer to debut in the Danmachi series. He was known for his exceptional sword skill earning the title of Sword Champion.

Does Bell know his grandfather is Zeus?

The Goliath Is Defeated And Bell Learns He’s Part Of Zeus’ Familia (DanMachi, Season 1, Episode 13)

What level is Gareth Danmachi?

He reached Level 6 seven years ago after defeating the Delphyne along with Riveria, Ais, and the Astraea Familia during the Great Feud.

Does AIS like Bell Wallenstein?

Ais has a friendly and positive relationship with Bell, frequently helping him and even accepting a request for a dance from him at Apollo’s ball, even though it was her first time dancing.

Is Haruhime in love with Bell?

Sanjouno Haruhime. She is in love with Bell, but he has still to notice her feelings. Both also share a love for fairy tales and often discuss about them.

Does Finn like Lili?

Liliruca Arde. Finn considered Lili a worthy wife and wanted to marry her to leave an heir to help the Pallum race. However, Lili has no intention of marrying him.

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