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What personality type is Junpei?

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What personality type is Junpei? Junpei Yoshino was an INFP personality type. He was creative, quirky, and individualistic. Junpei Yoshino wanted to understand himself on a deep level, as well as his purpose in the world.

Is Junpei still alive? Junpei stopped going to school by his second year. Akutami has expressed that they wished to have shown more scenes of Junpei’s kindness before he died in the manga.

Does Junpei have a social link? The female protagonist automatically starts Junpei’s Social Link on April 23rd. He can be found during the day in Classroom 1F in Gekkoukan.

What did Junpei realize? After Yuji leaves, Junpei does some introspection and comes to the realization that even though he is of the belief that people do not have hearts, he could not kill someone as it would taint his soul.

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Is Junpei an antagonist?

Junpei Yoshino is the obligatory tragic character that every new shonen anime needs. While it’s tough to call him a villain because of the tragic nature of his character arc, he stood as one of the main obstacles Yuji had to face at the outset of his career as a jujutsu sorcerer.

Who turned Junpei into a curse?

Finally, the most sinister use of this technique occurs when Mahito transforms Junpei into a Cursed Spirit in front of Yuji just shortly after the two had befriended one another, both ending Junpei’s life as a human being and inflicting psychological damage on Yuji mid-fight.

Who does Junpei like?

It has been established in the series that Junpei likes Miyako, does that mean that Junpei and Miyako will end up together? The manga and anime are still ongoing as of this writing but we can focus on their current relationship based on the latest chapter.

How was Junpei killed?

This happens suddenly, while Itadori is pinned against the wall, unable to do anything to save his friend. Desperate, Itadori begs Sukuna to help him out, only to be mocked by the demon lord and Mahito. Junpei, at a loss for words, slumps to the ground and dies, uttering a faint and utterly heartbreaking “…

Does Junpei have a cursed technique?

Junpei generating a shikigami with a poison cursed technique. Jujutsu High faculty managers such as Kiyotaka Ijichi can use shikigami to support stronger sorcerers.

Why can Sukuna heal Junpei?

Sukuna’s reversed technique can only heal physical wound so he can’t do anything about idle transfiguration. This was why he refused Yuuji’s plea to heal Junpei; because he can’t heal Junpei so the binding that Yuuji offered him was basically useless.

Who is Junpei shipped with?

1/10 Yuji Itadori & Junpei Yoshino Became Instant Friends. This slash pairing is Jujutsu Kaisen’s most wholesome anime-only ship, and just like Yuji/Satoru, it is based on the strong chemistry and mutual respect, friendship, and compassion found between those characters in the anime.

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