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What race is Sora?

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What race is Sora? Lol Sora is a human. None of the characters have a determinable ethnic group because they don’t need to. Kingdom Hearts exists outside our societal norms, and really there is no need to classify him as anything.

How old is Sora now? Here, Sora is noted to be 14 years old. Sora continues to be 14 years old from Kingdom Hearts through 358/2 Days until Kingdom Hearts 2 where he is 15. He is still 15 when the events of Dream Drop Distance on 3DS occur.

How did Sora wake up? In order to return her heart and wake her up, Sora uses the Keyblade of Heart to remove both their hearts, sacrificing his humanity and becoming a Heartless, unknowingly creating Roxas and Naminé, the Nobodies of Sora and Kairi respectively.

How long was Sora asleep in kh2? Sora is still asleep in the Memory Pod for the duration of 358/2 Days. However, his memory restoration process comes to a halt when Xion, a replica of Sora’s memories, starts to gain power and take power away from Roxas, Sora’s Nobody.

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Why did Sora go to sleep?

He was put to sleep so that he can regain his memories. Namine is a witch with powers of Sora’s memories and those who are connected to him. So because of Marluxia, Namine replaced Sora’s memories with new ones.

Why did Sora lose his memories?

While Sora and company climbed the floors of Castle Oblivion, Naminé, under Marluxia’s orders, was slowly stripping the hero of all his memories, only to replace them with new, false ones. Eventualy, she completely replaces all of Sora’s subconcious memories of Kairi with false ones of herself.

What are the 3 hearts inside Sora?

The three hearts are a literal heart that Ventus sent to Sora, a heart a Nobody was growing after recompletion, and a heart growing from memories.

Why did namine mess with Sora’s memories?

Because the Kairi in Sora’s memories had someone who cared very deeply for her, while Naminé was all alone in the world, this motivates her to replace Kairi with herself in Sora’s heart. Meanwhile, Naminé is also forced to implant false memories into the Riku Replica, so that he thinks he is the real Riku.

Why is Sora so special?

Boundless Charisma. Speaking of Sora’s friends, that’s the last component of what makes him special: his ability to form bonds with people. Being friendly, helpful, and a bit nosy allows Sora to naturally form connections with just about everyone he meets.

How many days was Sora in Castle Oblivion?

25 days. Well It took the Organization in Days a while to find out how many members in CO got killed. Actually we don’t really know when they got the news, only when Roxas found out. Seeing how Riku’s story progressed beyond Sora’s and Sora’s came to an end on Day 49, they found out pretty damn immediately.

What is Sora’s height?

Canonically, some interviews put his height at around 160 cm, or 5’2. Series director Tetsuya Nomura stated in an interview that Sora’s birthday is March 28 — a date representative of the launch of Kingdom Hearts.

Is Sora’s story over?

Tetsuya Nomura Confirms Sora’s Story Will Continue After Kingdom Hearts III. Square Enix & Disney have been heavily pushing promotions for next year’s Kingdom Hearts III.

Is Sora in Birth by Sleep?

A four-year-old Sora appears in the prequel, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep; after Ventus, one of the protagonists, has his heart damaged following a confrontation with his dark side, Vanitas, his heart finds its way into Sora, who accepts it into his own heart.

Why does Sora have big feet?

The trailer has reawakened some Sora shoe discussions. Since it seems he had normal-sized feet the whole time, fans are now discussing why he wore such large shoes. The truth was that Sora’s design was based on Mickey Mouse, and that is why he had such big shoes.

Why did Roxas fall asleep?

That meant that from there onwards, the Org in CO were just about wiping out Sora’s Memories save for the ones Namine made up for him. That, as explained in-game – affected Roxas, and he ‘went to sleep’.

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