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What should I watch after Tamako Love Story?

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What should I watch after Tamako Love Story? If you are looking for a pure love story after Tamako Love Story, Tsuki ga Kirei will definitely not disappoint you. It can remind you of the first love we’ve ever experienced. Sweetness, sourness, the unforgetable youth.

Does Tamako Market have a good ending? Two main characters get closure, the childhood best friend finally wins, and that’s it?” And then I realized, that’s how it actually feels for everyone in the show: it all ends there. They chose and have moved on from their previous relationship as friends. Tamako remains in the market and Mocchi goes to Tokyo.

Who is the bird in Tamako Love Story? Dera Michimazzi is another main hero of Tamako Market. He is a bird that speaks in Japanese, with a little bossy tone. It seems that he is a noble bird that came from a tropical place. He later stays at Tamako’s house.

Where is Choi from Tamako Market? English. Choi (チョイ・モチマッヅィ Choi Mochimazzi) is the Prince’s escort from the tropical area that Dera Mochimazzi comes from.

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Who is the prince’s bride in Tamako Market?

English. The Prince (王子 Ōji) is a royalty from the tropical place that Dera comes from who had been searching for his destined bride. His full name is revealed to be Mecha Mochimazzi.

How tall is Choi Mochimazzi?

Choi Mochimazzi is from the anime Tamako Market and appears in episode 6. Her Blood type is A.


My Rating
DislikeThe only thing I dislike is that she didn’t show up a lot in the anime a lot

What race is Choi from Tamako Market?

btw the fourth pic girl Choi from Tamako Market is a typical mukokuseki character. Her bio reads, “people of a southen country,” which, for Japanese, implies southeast asia and its vicinity. But few Japanese feel she is black. Based on her dress, I get the impression she’s supposed to be more exotic.

Is Midori in love with Tamako?

Midori loves and cares about Tamako so much that she gradually begins to think more and more about the nature of her feelings as romantic love.

Who is the protagonist of Tamako Market?

Tamako Kitashirakawa (北白川 たまこ Kitashirakawa Tamako) is the main protagonist in the 2013 anime television Tamako Market and the 2014 anime movie Tamako Love Story. She is the daughter of Tama-ya’s owner in the Usagiyama Shopping District.

Who does Midori like in Tamako Market?

Midori later comes to terms that she has feelings for Tamako, but is unable to properly express it, deciding to conceal it and instead prevent anyone from confessing to her. She often displays instances of helping her, such as teaching Tamako how to swim.

What does Mochimazzi mean?

He is often just referred to as “Bird” (鳥 Tori) by Tamako’s family as his surname sounds a lot like “mochi mazui” (もちまずい, lit. bad tasting mochi), which causes Mamedai to tell him to change his surname to Mochiumai (もちうまい, lit. good tasting mochi).

What happens in the end of Tamako Love Story?

We come to it at last: in Tamako Love Story’s final moments, Tamako finally decides to face her feelings and sets off to find Mochizou. While he is merely going to Tokyo to write an entrance exam, Midori, now accepting of reality, encourages Tamako by making it sound as though Mochizou was transferring.

What is tamako in Japanese?

Tamako Origin and Meaning. The name Tamako is girl’s name of Japanese origin meaning “jewel child”. Two similarly delicate names, Tamako and Tamaki, can be found in the Japanese community.

How tall is tamako?

Tamako has black hair with blue tones that she always keeps in two pony-tails, kept together with white bands at the height of her ears.


My Rating
Kanji北白川 たまこ
Height156 cm (5’6)
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