What sickness does Nina have berserk?

What sickness does Nina have berserk? She suffers from an undefined infection. The scant details come through by statements from others and her own inner thoughts. It is chronic since it is known by Luca and others including Joachim. She notes to herself that if it infects her brain she will lose her mind.

What happened to Nina Code Geass? 7/10 Imprisoned By Lelouch. Nina comes to Lelouch’s side in order to atone for this, though she’s not sure she can forgive him for Euphemia’s death. However, at the end of the series, when Lelouch becomes Emperor, Nina is one of the Black Knights who is imprisoned by him following his coup.

What is CC’s real name?

Voiced byYukana (Japanese) Kate Higgins (English)
In-universe information
Full nameC.C
NicknameImmortal Witch Pizza Girl Zero’s Mistress

Who is Lelouch true love interest? 6/10 Shirley’s Love For Lelouch Leads To Her Death. Even when attacked by the Geass user Mao, she cannot go through with killing Lelouch. Shirley’s mind is erased twice, but her love for Lelouch always persists.

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Does c2 love Lelouch?

Before the series’ final battle, she also asked Lelouch if he hated her, due to how her giving him Geass affected his life, showing how she had developed remorse for involving him in her tangled life. Additionally, it is implied that by the series’ end C.C. had fallen in love with Lelouch.

Is Euphemia older than Lelouch?

Euphemia is Lelouch’s younger sister, and was told by Lelouch that she was his first love shortly before her death at his hands due to him losing control of his Geass.

Whose death was saddest in Code Geass?

10 Saddest Deaths In Code Geass, Ranked

  • 4/10 Rolo Sacrifices Himself To Save Lelouch From The Black Knights.
  • 3/10 Shirley Pays With Her Life For Her Loyalty To Lelouch.
  • 2/10 Euphemia’s Tragic Death Changes The Course Of Lelouch’s Destiny.
  • 1/10 Lelouch Chooses To Become A Martyr Through The Zero Requiem.

What is Lelouch’s tragic flaw?

Lelouch has a habit of accepting responsibility for actions which he has no fault in. This may be his tragic flaw.

Why was Nina obsessed with Euphemia?

Euphemia li Britannia was the third princess of the Britannian Imperial Family and she saved Nina’s life once. Nina was attacked when she called a Japanese person “Eleven” and the princess stepped up to save her. From that moment Nina was obsessed with Euphemia and even worshipped her.

Who is Nina’s dad?

Nina Proudman

In-universe information
FatherPhillip Noonan
MotherGeraldine Proudman
Adoptive fatherDarcy Proudman
BrothersJimmy Proudman (half) Ray Proudman (half) Will Bowen (adoptive half)

What episode does Nina come in?

In the Anime, Nina first appears in the teaser trailer at the end of Episode 3 and in the following episode, her story is expanded to the extent of a scene depicting her with Alexander, her father, and the Elrics conversing indoors as night falls.

Does Nina have an STD?

At the end of episode 5, it was revealed that Nina was infected with a sexually transmitted disease. As a result, when she’s pursued by a friend named Joachim she resists his advances. Insistent, Nina tells Joachim to meet her by the river at midnight.

Does Casca have syphilis?

Their lovemaking is interrupted by Casca who, covered in bandages, peeks her head through the tent’s flaps and startles Jerome. Luca claims that Casca (though calling her Elaine, as Casca’s true name is unknown to Luca) is her sister, and the bandages are due to the fact that she suffers from syphilis.

Does Nina Einstein like Euphemia?

Emotionally insecure, her life was saved by Euphemia li Britannia, and she developed an obsessive crush on her, worshiping her as a goddess. After Euphemia’s death, Nina swore vengeance on her killer Zero and his organization the Black Knights, developing the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb.

What was Nina doing in EP 12?

She subsequently comes to rely on Euphemia for emotional support; to emphasize this, Nina is shown masturbating to her picture in episode 12.

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