What side is Eren on?

What side is Eren on? Eventually, he became Attack on Titan’s final antagonist. There were many things that pushed Eren towards his dark side. Some of which occurred right from the beginning of Attack on Titan, but fans just did not notice.

How did Marley get 7 Titans? According to Marleyan legend, a legendary Marleyan hero named Helos turned the tides of war to his people’s favor by manipulating the Eldians against each other, which allowed Marley to claim victory in the war and even succeed in obtaining seven of the Nine Titans that were in Eldia’s possession.

Did Eren become a bird? No, though it would’ve been hilarious imo. Throughout history, birds have been said to symbolize freedom.

What happens to paradise after the rumbling? Following Eren Yeager’s initiation of the Rumbling, civilization advances on the island for many years before it is eventually destroyed by war.

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Is Levi an Eldian?

Nonetheless, it’s still unclear whether Mikasa and Levi can turn into Titans as they are half-Ackerman and half-Eldian — where one of their parents were of pure Eldian descent. A half-Eldian who became a Titan Shifter is Reiner.

Who are good Eldians or Marley?

The Eldiands are more righteous/good. I think neither of the two nations are completely right or wrong. Nations are made up of individuals who have their own actions. Even if their Eldian ancestors could be Titans, Armin, Eren, Connie etc didn’t do anything to deserve what happened to them.

Why did Eren start the Rumbling?

He trusted his friends enough, and knew that the Alliance would kill him and put an end to the endless cycle of suffering. With that confidence, Eren decided to become the villain and activated the Rumbling.

What was erens true plan?

Eren’s goal is to eliminate the entire world except for Paradis, but keeping his fellow Paradisans alive is also extremely important to him, especially his close friends. After all, the elimination of his ‘enemies’ means nothing if the people he wants to protect aren’t safe when it’s all over.

Is Eren fighting for Paradis?

Using the power of the Founding Titan, Eren announces his intention to kill everyone in the outside world in order to protect the people of Paradis.

Does Paradis Island win the war?

The Corps, numbering over two hundred at the start of the battle, lost nearly all of its soldiers in the attack, though they succeeded in defeating Reiner and Bertolt.

What is the war for Paradis?

The War of Paradis Arc is the ninth and final arc of the Attack on Titan series created, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Currently (January, 2020), in the manga, the War of Paradis Arc is included in Chapter 107 to Chapter 125. However the Arc is still not concluded as of yet.

Why do Eldians hate Paradis?

And the Eldians in the internment zones don’t like the Eldians on Paradis, because they see them as a remnant of the old Eldian Empire that oppressed other people.

Will season 4 Part 2 of AOT be the end?

With the announcement of a third part on the way in 2023, it’s not quite yet to say goodbye to Hajime Isayama’s gruesome epic. Considering that there’s only nine chapters of the manga left to adapt after the Part 2 finale, the third part is likely to be the final-FINAL part of the final season.

What happens to Paradis at the end?

Paradis Was Ultimately Bombed & Destroyed By Its Enemies. Without the strength of the titans to protect them, the Eldians were outmatched by their opponents across the sea. Although their technology had improved, Paradis was bombed into oblivion all the same.

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