What version of Hunter x Hunter is better?

What version of Hunter x Hunter is better? To compare between both, the 2011 version actually sticks closer to the original manga. Both versions has their plus points, while the 1999 version did a better job in the first arc (Hunter exam arc), the 2011 version did a better job with the subsequent arcs (Heavens Arena etc).

What happened to the artist of Hunter x Hunter? Since 2006, Togashi has taken numerous lengthy hiatuses while serializing Hunter × Hunter. Some were due to illness and lower back pain, while reasons for others were never disclosed.

Why do people like HXH? Hunter X Hunter is one of the most popular shonen series in anime. Its unique plot and exciting action sequences have contributed to its success. Despite its faltering pace, Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter remains one of the most popular anime series ever made.

Is Hunter x Hunter dark? Hunter X Hunter was always somewhat dark since the Yorknew Arc. However, the beginning of the Chimera Ant genuienly surprised me. The little children, Colt/Kurt and Reina get brutally murdered then eaten, I did not expect that in the slightest. The rest of the arc was consistantly dark and I enjoyed it a lot.

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Why is the HxH creator in the hospital?

The artist, who helmed Yu Yu Hakusho back in the day, has suffered from chronic debilitating back pain for years now. This condition is what forces Togashi to take frequent breaks, and he gave fans a look into his life after posting a few author notes concerning his back.

What are nanika rules?

Nanika’s Rules. Nanika is infinitely powerful; any wish can be granted, no matter how difficult or impossible the wish seems. If it is wished for, Nanika could end humanity in the blink of an eye. The only restriction is that Nanika has to rely on others for the power to be used; it cannot grant its own wishes.

Why is Killua so sad?

That affirmation that Gon only saw him as a teammate. And to me, that’s one of the main reasons Killua looks so sad here. Gon just confirmed those doubts and insecurities that were burning him from the inside out for a while. He confirmed what he feared : that he doesn’t see him as a friend, but as a teammate.

What was the saddest death in HXH?

As an incredibly strong Hunter and a friend of Ging, Kite’s death was one of the most shocking of the series. His last moments seen alive were when he sensed Pitou’s menacing aura, commanded Gon and Killua to run, then lost his arm to Pitou’s attack.

Is HXH coming back 2022?

After a nearly four-year hiatus, Hunter x Hunter is officially coming back to Shonen Jump, and now the exact date of its return has been revealed. Fans of Hunter x Hunter can rejoice this week, as the series’ nearly four-year-long hiatus officially has an end date: Octo.

Did gon lose his Nen?

How Did Gon Lose His Nen in Hunter x Hunter? As previously mentioned, Gon made a Nen contract to get enough power to defeat Neferpitou. The key difference between Gon and Kurapika’s contracts is that Gon not only puts his life on the line but also willingly gives up all of his Nen.

Why did they stop animation Hunter x Hunter?

Why did Hunter x Hunter anime stop airing? The anime didn’t stop airing. It actually ran out of the manga chapters to televise. Hunter X Hunter ‘s author Togashi Yoshihiro had to discontinue writing HXH for the past couple of years because acute pain in his back.

Is Hunter x Hunter Cancelled?

It wasn’t cancelled. It is based on a manga. The Gon Freecs epic has ended for now. The creator, Togashi has control of his creation.

What is the saddest part of Hunter x Hunter?

10/10 Killua Cried Over Gon During The Chimera Ant Arc. Their friendship was pushed to its limit during the events of the Chimera Ant arc, leading to a heartbreaking scene where Killua breaks down in tears after recognizing how useless he is in helping Gon.

Will Togashi ever finish HxH?

Yoshihiro Togashi, Hunter x Hunter’s mangaka, confirms that he is working again on the series and says that there are 4 chapters left to finish it. It has been more than three years since Hunter x Hunter disappeared from the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump.

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