What was Digimon based on?

What was Digimon based on? It is the first anime series in the Digimon media franchise, based on the Digital Monster virtual pet released in 1997.

Do Digimon exist in the real world? Along the lines of the Multiverse Theory every time a work of fiction gets published it instantaneously creates a parallel universe in which the work of fiction is reality. So technically speaking Digimon do exist in real life, just not in this reality.

Are Digimon living creatures? Digimon creatures are digital lifeforms whose origins are from the “Digital World,” a parallel dimension to the real world. Digimon are created from data. They exhibit more free will as compared to Pokemon. They can be found living in their own digital cities and not in the wild or forest (like animals).

Do Digimon have souls? Data in the Digimon universe is not the same as data in the real world. It’s revealed (for sure in DA02, I don’t remember where else) that Digimon actually have souls, and this is a result of the Digital World and the real world actually be directly connected.

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What are Digimon made of?

Digimon in Tamer’s are actually made out of of something called a utility fog. A “Utility Fog” is a collection of nanoscale robots that can communicate with each other using special tiny antennae. They can move together as though they were a single object and can form any desirable shape.

Can normal people see Digimon?

The original news report causes Taichi to conclude that normal people can’t see them, while Tai concludes that Digimon are coming in via a dimensional rift.

Who is the strongest Digimon?

Alongside WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon is basically the most powerful Digimon that the DigiDestined has to offer.

Is Digimon older than Pokemon?

Pokémon is older as the games were published in 1996 – a year before the Digimon gameplay was released as the “masculine” counterpart of the female-oriented Tamagotchi. The anime for Pokémon was also released in 1997, while Digimon became a show in 1999.

What are Digimon owners called?

Original workDigital Monster (1997)
OwnerAkiyoshi Hongo Bandai Toei Animation
Print publications
ComicsSee below

Is Digimon popular in Japan?

YouTube video

Why do all Digimon names end in Mon?

The suffix -mon means monster as what the title also means. The name of a Digimon species is usually based on its form, and may be a pun.

Are all Digimon male?

Officially, digimon do not have gender; however, many Digimon such as Agumon and Gabumon acted like young boys, and there are quite a few obviously female digimon as well. If anything, gender seems fairly easy to identify in digimon.”

Can all Digimon talk?

Only Digimon from the main cast can Talk. In addition, you can only Talk to a Digimon once but you can use the Talk function multiple times in a turn depending on the number of your Main Partner Digimon.

How do Digimons reproduce?

Digimon don´t have physical sexual organs, as they are made of data, they reproduce not through sexual reproduction but through a universal system of data recycling, copying/pasting, and data merging. Even though these words are oftentimes used as synonyms, gender and sex aren’t the same.

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