What year will One Piece end?

What year will One Piece end? If everything goes to plan, One Piece should be concluded in 2024 or 2025. Based on this statement, fans could look forward to at least the next couple of years and enjoy the series. Although Oda plans to end it by 2024-25, it might get extended depending on the situation.

What is Luffy’s greatest weakness?

  • This answer contains spoilers.
  • He is not strict enough to his crewmates.
  • Furthermore.
  • Like every other shounen protaganist.
  • He is extremely reckless.
  • At the end lf the day luffy was ju.

What is Luffy’s toughest battle? The two fights that really stand out from the rest are Luffy’s battles against Rob Lucci and Katakuri. The fight with Lucci was definitely the better of the two, but Luffy had the absolute TOUGHEST battle of his life against Katakuri. Who taught Luffy how to fight?

What is Luffy’s greatest strength? Luffy’s greatest feat of strength (so far) is seen in the Water 7 Arc, when he is trapped between two enormous buildings and escapes by pushing them apart. It also shows how strong he can get at times. Luffy also possesses great endurance and reflexes to match his strength and speed.

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How many fights has Luffy lost?

Yes, 2 times. One at Marineford (could of not saved his brother Ace), and the other fighting Kuma Bartholomew (Luffy though he was losing his whole crew but when he got transported he realized that his crew must still be alive and the same thing would of happened to them).

Did Luffy beat Crocodile?

In his first and second fight with Luffy, instead of killing him straight away, Crocodile left Luffy to suffer. Because of this carelessness, Luffy was able to come back in two different occasions and finally defeat him.

Who is Luffy’s greatest enemy?

Having betrayed Whitebeard and hunted the Straw Hats since Mock Town, Blackbeard is Luffy’s greatest remaining threat. Considering the Devil Fruit and powerful crew under his command, the villain won’t go down easily regardless of the things Luffy learned and friends he’s made.

Who is the strongest in one piece?

The 10 Strongest One Piece Characters

  • 1 – Rocks D. Xebec.
  • 2 – Gold D. Roger. …
  • 3 – Shanks. …
  • 4 – Luffy. …
  • 5 – Kaido. …
  • 6 – Blackbeard. …
  • 7 – Whitebeard. …
  • 8 – Monkey D. …

Is Crocodile still strong one piece?

If anything in this movie can be translated into the manga canon, it should mean that he’s not at Luffy’s level, but he’s still strong enough to go up against any other Straw Hats.

Who is stronger Zoro or Crocodile?

1) Crocodile. Crocodile is a formidable opponent, given his mastery of the Suna Suna no Mi. However, he is currently at a disadvantage against Zoro. For some reason, Crocodile has yet to demonstrate any usage of Haki techniques.

Is Luffy stronger than Crocodile?

No, he won because Crocodile was weak back then. During their rematch, Luffy was able to draw blood from Crocodile when he punched him, meaning that Luffy was relative to Crocodile.

How many times has Crocodile beat Luffy?

4/14 Sir Crocodile. Sir Crocodile was the main antagonist of the Alabasta arc of the series and the first Shichibukai that Luffy took down. Crocodile is easily one of the most difficult fights that Luffy has ever fought as he lost to him twice.

Who can beat Luffy?

Finally, there even exists a character within the One Piece world who could easily defeat protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. Gol D. Roger is widely agreed upon as the strongest character to ever live in the series thus far, being the only one to attain the title of Pirate King.

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