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When did iKON debut date?

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When did iKON debut date? iKon debuted with the ‘pre-single’ “My Type” was released with a music video on Septem. Within 24 hours of its release, the music video for “My Type” surpassed 1.7 million views on YouTube.

What is Chanwoo full name BJ Alex? Chanwoo Oh (오찬우). Chanwoo Oh is student at XX University. He was studying fashion and design, but is currently on a break. He likes unique and distinctive clothes with flashy designs. He also loves accessories.

Who is Chanwoo? Jung Chan-woo (Korean: 정찬우; born Janu), better known mononymously as Chanwoo and also known by his stage name Chan, is a South Korean singer, actor and member of South Korean boy group iKon under YG Entertainment.

How tall is Nam Dong-Gyun? 6 ft 2 in. Yeom Dong-gyun

Personal information
Date of birth6 September 1983
Place of birthSouth Korea
Height1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)

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Does Chanwoo from IKON have a brother?

Chanwoo was born and grew up in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. His family consists of mother, father, and an older brother (born 1996).

What does Chanwoo in BJ Alex like?

He enjoys talking to people and works in a café where he interacts with people a lot. But, he also tends to have mood swings like going from a frown into a smile or the other way.

Is Chani and Chanwoo related?

iKON’s Chan (previously known as ChanWoo) is friends with SF9’s Chani. They know each other since a young age as they were both child actors and they showed their friendship in the latest episode of “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR”.

Who is iKON’s leader?

B.I B.I. B.I (rapper)

B.I at the iKon 2018 Continue Tour in Seoul
BornKim Han-bin October 22, 1996 Gyeonggi-do
OccupationRapper singer-songwriter philanthropist record producer executive director
Musical career

Is iKON disbanded?

iKON decides not to renew their contract with YG Entertainment. The agency shares that, after a long discussion, all six members have decided to part ways with the company. Today is the group’s 6th anniversary since debut.

What is BJ Alex name?

Ahn Jiwon also known as BJ Alex is one of the lead characters along with Nam Dong-Gyun in the BJ Alex webtoon manhwa created by Mingwa in 2017.

Who is the author of BJ Alex?

Mingwa, the creator behind popular BL series BJ Alex, is one of many artists who has discovered their work illegally uploaded on manga/webcomic aggregator websites.

Is BJ Alex Korean?

Note* BJ is a Korean term that means “Broadcast Jockey.”


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