When did Shikamaru start liking Temari?

When did Shikamaru start liking Temari? At the age of 17 Shikamaru Nara saw himself deciding about a future where he’s married and with a child (in a dream that shows ones desire) with a certain girl who isn’t close to him (like Ino or Sakura). At this point, it was more than a crush.

What is Shikamaru famous line? I Am. The Only One Bringing Down Vengeance Is Me.” If there’s any one person in Shikamaru’s life who most shaped the shinobi he becomes, it’s Asuma Sarutobi.

Was Shikamaru smoking censored? Shikamaru’s smoking was censored in numerous forms. It was completely written out of the anime, which was for the best, as we may have ended up with a Sanji from One Piece situation where he was just eating a lot of lollipops.

How much is Shikamaru’s IQ? Contrary to his lazy tendencies, Shikamaru is extremely intelligent; his teacher, Asuma Sarutobi, determined that Shikamaru’s IQ was over 200.

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Does Naruto have blood?

Some fights are shortened and a few are even removed if they are too bloody to be shown on children’s television. UNCUT: Blood spurts from throats, runs down legs and arms, covers faces, stains the environment and weapons, and we hear the crunching sounds of bones being broken.

What were Hidan’s last words?

My teeth, that’s all I’ll need; you’ll see! And I’ll tear you to pieces!” Hidan’s last empty threat to Shikamaru, before being Buried Alive.

How do you think like Shikamaru?

How to act like Shikamaru

  • Think that everything is a drag, a pain, or troublesome. …
  • Be lazy all the time, even at school.
  • Complain about pushy girls/women.
  • Act like nothing matters.
  • Be a little quiet sometimes.
  • Watch the clouds outside a lot. …
  • Play a lot of shougi (Japanese chess) and go, but mainly shougi.

What is Naruto catchphrase?

Dattebayo, Dattebane and Dattebasa. (「(だ)ってばよ!」), (Da)ttebane (「(だ)ってばね」) and (Da)ttebasa (「(だ)ってばさ」) are catchphrases used by Naruto Uzumaki, his mother Kushina and his son Boruto, respectively. Naruto’s catchphrase is used at the end of most of his sentences as a way of making his speech unique.

What is a drag Shikamaru?

“What a drag” Well, if Shikamaru is always using this phrase, it means he is irritated towards any thing. It’s an urban slang (slang doesn’t means anything abusive, it means the terms or connotations that are not accepted by the British or by Oxford). It means a certain distaste for a situation.

Does Rock Lee drink alcohol?

In the no less famous Naruto, Rock Lee accidentally drinks sake during his fight against Kimimaro (season 5, episode 18). Drunk, Lee finds himself executing almost unwillingly the Kungfu technique of the “drunken style” completely destabilizing his enemy.

Is Naruto on Netflix uncut?

Unfortunately, Naruto Shippuden Uncut is not one of the many exceptional anime series available on Netflix.

Who has highest IQ in Naruto?

1) Shikaku Nara. Shikaku Nara is arguably the smartest character in the Naruto series. Members of the Nara clan are smart but Shikaku is a cut above the rest. He always beat Shikamaru in Shogi, a board game based on battle strategy.

What is Kakashis IQ?

Shikamaru has an IQ of over 200, as predicted by Asuma Sarutobi. But a drawback of his intelligence is that he’s a slow tactician whereas Kakashi possibly has an IQ almost matching Shikamaru and he is a quick tactician so I would say Kakashi’s IQ is 170>.

Who has highest IQ in anime?

Senku Ishigami is believed to possess an IQ of 180 to 200, making him a highly gifted being. He holds a profound knowledge of chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology, and all other subjects. Using his wide sense of knowledge, Senku has proved himself to be the savior of humanity multiple times.

Which episode does shikamaru smoke?

Here is a link showing proof in the English manga that he did smoke. This habit is noted to continue through chapter 330 page 11 when it is first shown, and is known to continue up until chapter 342. Up until the second page of chapter 342.

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