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When was ako Udagawa born?

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When was ako Udagawa born? Her favorite foods are Potato chips, and Jelly beans. She’s 148 cm tall. Her birthday is July 3.

Ako Udagawa
BirthdayJuly 3rd
Blood Type?

Is Kaoru Seta a boy or a girl? Seta Kaoru is a third-year student at Haneoka Girls’ High School and the guitarist of Hello, Happy World! She is very popular with ladies, whom she dubs her “little kittens” (子猫ーちゃん, koneko-chan). Himari and Rimi in particular have a tendency of blushing in her presence.

Who is the youngest in Bandori? aya is the youngest second year in the game. tsugumi is the oldest first year. tae is the youngest first year. ako is the youngest overall (ofc)

Who is the oldest in Bandori? Community / Feed / Activity. kaoru is the oldest main girl in the game (she’s a second year and her bday is february 20th) aya is the youngest second year in the game. tsugumi is the oldest first year. tae is the youngest first year.

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How old is chu2?

She is 14 years old, but due to her excellent grades, she is a second-year high school student. She goes by the stage name CHU² (チュチュ), read as CHUCHU) and is the leader, producer and DJ for the band RAISE A SUILEN. She uses DTM (Desktop Music) to compose music.

What band is Kanon in Bandori?

BanG Dream! / Characters list / Kanon Matsubara

NameKanon Matsubara 松原 花音
SchoolHanasakigawa Girls’ Academy 2 – A
School yearSecond

What instrument does Kanon play?

Kanon Wakeshima
Instrument(s)Vocals cello piano
Years active2008-present
LabelsDefStar Records Warner Home Video
WebsiteOfficial Site

Does Kanon have a twin sister?

But alas, Kanon isn’t completely ‘broken’, so to speak. Despite her actions, she genuinely cares for her twin sister, Shion Ozu, and will destroy anyone who would try to harm her in any way.

How old is Kokoro tsurumaki?

Tsurumaki Kokoro

Cure Popcorn
弦巻 こころ Tsurumaki Kokoro
Personal Information
Birthday DateAugust 8

Does himari have a crush on Kaoru?

Himari also has an obvious crush on Kaoru, to the point one of her cards (pictured above) has her with heart eyes and hearts emanating from her while looking at Kaoru. Advertisement: Kaoru and Chisato are chosen to play Romeo and Juliet respectively during a school play.

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