Where can I find special move source bleach brave souls?

Where can I find special move source bleach brave souls? Bleach : Brave Souls FAQ. If you have any Special Move Sources, they can be accessed by tapping the “Items” button next to the character thumbnail on the Augment/Ascend screen.

How do I get better at Bleach brave souls? 7 Beginner Tips For Bleach Brave Souls

  • 1 Make Multiple Teams.
  • 2 Do The Daily Orders. …
  • 3 Smooth Mode Drains Battery. …
  • 4 Remember Kisuke’s Coin Event. …
  • 5 Orbs Are Easy To Get At The Beginning. …
  • 6 Pick And Choose Banners To Spend On. …
  • 7 Learn About Element Advantages. …

How do you get good accessories in bleach brave souls? You can farm accessories by doing co-op missions or using gems(spirit orbs) and pull them from the summon shop. Keep in mind that you can only get 1-3 star accessories with co-op and 3-4 star via gacha or the shop summon. It is best to use accessories of the same element as the character to get the bonus stats.

How do you reroll the second effect bleach brave souls? To Reroll using Brushes from the Main Menu: “Acessories” –> Pick your accessory whose secondary effect you want to reroll –> “Reroll Second Effect” –> Click on “Second Effect” on the top Right –> Click on a Brush –> Reroll.

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What is sharpshooter in bleach brave souls?

2/10 Sharpshooter. In Brave Souls, this comes in the form of the Sharpshooter Skill. Characters who possess this Skill can nullify not just Ranged Guard, but also the Ranged Attack Resistance of opponents. Such is the viciousness of Sharpshooter that only five 6-Star Characters possess this trait.

What are transcendence points?

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How do you get level 200 bleach in brave souls?

Releasing a character and then unlocking all their new Soul Tree will increase a character’s level cap to 200.

How do you get 6 stars in bleach brave souls?

Bleach : Brave Souls FAQ. A character must fulfill the following criteria to be Awakened: – A ★5 character than can be Awakened to ★6 (Go to News > Strategy > ★6 Characters to see a full list of characters that have a ★6 version.) You will also need the required number of Hogyokus to complete the Awakening process.

How do you get the special move source bleach in brave souls 2022?

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What does frenzy mean in bleach brave souls?

Increased strong attack hits. [NOTE]: The base value once the skill is activated is “+1”. Some characters have value of “+2”. (This Skill is part of a Dual Ability) (Go to Skill: Berserker) (Back to the 6★ Skills List)

How do you reroll in bleach brave souls?

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