Where do I start with Junji Ito?

Where do I start with Junji Ito? What is a good place to start for someone who’s never read his work? Dean: In order to get your enmeshed with Ito’s work, I would suggest his (one of many) short story collection Shiver. This 10 story collection is a wonderful showcase of Ito’s versatility and offers plenty of WTF moments.

How disturbing is Uzumaki? Uzumaki is classic horror at its most abstract. It’s a story filled with gruesome imagery with every page turn and by the end, leaves the reader in an uncomfortable state of mind and possibly a phobia with spirals. This manga should be a necessary in any horror fan’s collection.

Why is Junji Ito so popular? One reason why Ito’s works are so popular is because of their visual aesthetic and appeal that they offer. Every single manga, no matter how long or short, features terrifying visuals and downright gory panels. Each manga author has their own art style, and Ito’s is very distinct.

Which is the best Junji Ito collection? Top Picks: Junji Ito

  • Uzumaki. Spiral Into Horror. Itō, Junji, 1963- Book, 2013. …
  • Shiver. Juni Ito Selected Stories. Itō, Junji, 1963- Book, 2017. …
  • Venus in the Blind Spot. Itō, Junji, 1963- Book, 2020. All copies in use. …
  • The Liminal Zone. Itō, Junji, 1963- Book, 2022. …
  • Junji Ito’s Cat Diary. Yon & Mu. Itō, Junji, 1963-

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What is Tomies power?

Tomie’s main ability is a form of regeneration similar to that of a sea star or a planarian; if a part of her body, such as an arm, leg or even head is severed, an entire clone of her body will grow from the severed part. This will occur even with smaller parts, such as fingers, or even blood.

Is Junji Ito Anime on Netflix?

Junji Ito Maniac is slated to release on Netflix on Janu. Check out the horrifying key art below.

What is Junji Ito most famous works?

Uzumaki. Likely the most famous of Ito’s many works, Uzumaki has been deemed a classic for a reason. Weaving a supernatural curse into a ghost story that centers around a small town, Kurouzu-cho, which is haunted not by spirits but instead by spirals, this is a uniquely spooky tale.

Does Junji Ito have kids?

Personal life. In 2006, Ito married Ayako Ishiguro (石黒亜矢子), a picture book artist. As of 2013, they have two children.

How did Junji Ito learn to draw?

I took a pencil and paper, or sometimes the back of advertisements, and would draw frames, imitating the manga I had read. So, I started before I even entered elementary school. It was just for fun, of course. That was how I began.

Are all Junji Ito books connected?

Junji Ito’s Famous Horror Anthologies, From Smashed To Frankenstein. Junji Ito’s longer works are all separate and can be read in any order, and the same is true of his multiple manga anthology collections.

How many Junji Ito stories are there?

How Many Junji Ito Stories Are There? Japanese short story writer Junji Ito is known for having written a series on horror called Horror World of Junji Ito. The eight volumes collect more than 30 of his stories. Eight volumes are included in each volume.

Why is Junji Ito scary?

There’s a solid blend of humanoid and non-humanoid monsters in Ito’s work, and both are suitably scary. For human and humanoid characters, there’s a strong element of body horror, which refers to a sub-genre of horror involving the deforming and warping of the human body.

Does Uzumaki mean spiral?

Uzumaki is Japanese for “spiral,” the crux of the entire piece. Ito originally wrote the story for the serialized publication Big Spirit Comics between 1998 and 1999. The story, as many Ito stories do, concerns a small suburban community facing strange, inexplicable, and ever-growing supernatural forces.

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