Where do I use the big egg in Chrono Cross?

Where do I use the big egg in Chrono Cross? Info. Found At: Steal it from the Dodo’s nest in Fossil Valley (Another World). Use: In Fort Dragonia (Home World), take the elevator down and use it in the working incubator. Draggy will hatch from the egg and join the party.

Is it possible to recruit all characters in Chrono Cross? You can recruit them all by using the Chrono Cross, but you will have to unlock them first. That means when you start a new playthrough using the Chrono Cross you can get back the characters you already got in your previous game. Thus you will need to play the game multiple times in order to get them all.

Can you recruit Glenn If you save Kid? Is it possible to recruit Glenn later in the game if you choose to save Kid early on? You can only get him by using the Chrono Cross to call the characters you unlocked in another playthrough. If you chose to save Kid, you will not get the Glenn of that game.

What happens if you don’t save Kid Chrono Cross? The first specific thing to note is that Kid will survive regardless of the choice that is made at this point in the game. Indeed, while Serge will not have a hand in curing Kid if a Chrono fan does not actively pursue saving her, she will eventually recover and be available as a party member.

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What happens if you refuse Kid in Chrono Cross?

To get & add Leena to your party, it’s crucial to refuse Kids at least once. Otherwise, you will never get an opportunity to let Leena join you again in the game. Once you refuse Kid at Cape Howl (Another World), Leena will join you the next day alongside the ‘Wonder Dog’ Poshul.

Is draggy a good character in Chrono Cross?

Draggy has extremely high defense, stamina, and even attack, making him a prime pick for Red elements. Apart from the ability to endure and give out damage, Draggy can also be used as support, healing & replenishing the stamina of others and himself.

Who is lynx in Chrono Cross?

Lynx (ヤマネコ, Yamaneko?) is the main antagonist of Chrono Cross and one of the primary antagonists of Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. He was Serge’s biological father Wazuki until he was corrupted by the FATE supercomputer.

Does Chrono Cross have multiple endings?

How many endings does Chrono Cross have? Chrono Cross has at least 11 endings, though you can only access most of them during New Game+.

Where is the best backbone in Chrono Cross?

Get Good Backbone at Hydra Marshes (Another World). Head north and use the Green Tinkler on the tall green plant blocking the path. Enter the cave up north, then go east. In the next cave, go south past the monsters until you see a Potpourri and a cave to its east. Enter the cave to get the Good Backbone.

Can you win as Lynx in Fort Dragonia?

It actually is possible for Lynx to win this battle in New Game +. But, it really doesn’t change the outcome much.

Is Mojo missable in Chrono Cross?

Mojo is a missable character. There are two events you need to trigger to recruit him–and both have short windows.

How do you get kids in Chrono Cross?

Recruitment. The first opportunity to recruit Kid is after the battle with Karsh, Solt and Peppor. If you agree to let her join your party, then Leena will not join at all. If you disagree, then the next time you will see Kid is when you first visit Termina.

Does draggy evolve in Chrono Cross?

Unfortunately, Draggy does not evolve. The only recruitable character that has any form of evolution in Chrono Cross is Pip.

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