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Where does rise hang out p4g?

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Where does rise hang out p4g? She can be found during the day outside in the hallway in the first floor of Yasogami High. On days off, Rise can be found outside the tofu shop in the Central Shopping District.

How do you get hints for rise in Persona 4? You need to find something out about Rise to help Teddie locate her. To unlock her dungeon: Go to Practice Build 2F at school and talk to the Risette Fan. This is the chubby studdy near the Washroom and Art Room.

How can I get information on Rise Kujikawa? Speak to Kind Man by the trees at the Samegawa Floodplain. Come back tomorrow to the same place, and speak to Photographer. Reply with “Trade information” and “She’s different than on TV”. He will give you the info you need for Teddie.

What level should you be for Shadow Teddie? STRATEGY. Your Party should be around Level 33-38 (probably level 40 before Shadow Teddie) before trying to fight Shadow Rise to make things easier. Shadow Rise always begins with Fire spells, so if you brought Chie along, have her Guard as much as necessary.

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What level should I face Radahn at?

When should I fight General Radahn in Elden Ring? Despite being just the fourth main boss in Elden Ring, there is a huge jump in power between Radahn and Godick and Rennala. To avoid running up against a solid brick wall we’d recommend being between level 60-75 and rocking as upgraded a weapon as you can muster.

What do you call someone who’s between 90 and 100 years old Persona 4?

a person who is between 70 and 79 years old is a septuagenarian. a person who is between 80 and 89 years old is an octogenarian. a person who is between 90 and 99 years old is a nonagenarian.

Does rise like Yu?

In contrast to the other girls, all of whom develop a crush on the main character, Rise is very open about her romantic interests. Canonically, Yu Narukami does not reciprocate her affection, which makes her affection for him entirely one-sided.

How old is rise persona?

Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4 Arena) BIO: In her first appearance, Rise is a cheerful 15 year old girl.

Is Kujikawa rise good?

Rise is cheerful, outspoken, naughty, cute and is quite boastful about herself, although very sweet deep down. She is referred to as a “dangerous girl” by Chie Satonaka, due to her boldness in flirting with the protagonist, and her teasing of Yosuke Hanamura and Kanji Tatsumi.

How many floors is Rise dungeon?

Talk to the paparachi guy at the river bank, pick 2 of the options and dungeon is now open after talking to Teddie. There are eleven floors in Marukyu Striptease. It’s best to train on floors 1 to 5 to level up enough. When you reach 7 floor, Rise-chan will turn off the light making it a little hard to see.

Is Teddie better than Yukiko?

Yukiko is indisputably a better healer than Teddie thanks to Salvation and her larger SP pool, and also a better blaster thanks to her absurdly high Magic. However, as any SMT veteran will tell you, buffs are extremely valuable in the Persona games and Yukiko does not have access to them.

Where is rise located Persona 4?

Rise is one grade younger than the Protagonist. Her family runs the Marukyu Tofu Shop in the Central Shopping District.

How do you gather information for Teddie kanji?

As the game told you, Teddie will need some clues about Kanji in order to locate him within the TV World. First, head to the Central Shopping District, North and talk with Kanji’s mother who is standing outside the textile shop. She tells you to ask the boy who had been around him.

Where can I find more information for Rise?

The RISE program has two levels of participation depending on the taxes administered by the government agency. For more information on RISE, contact the Department’s General Tax Administration Program at

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