Where is Cecil Aijima from?

Where is Cecil Aijima from? Cecil Aijima (愛島 セシル) Introduces himself as a “prince” from Agna Palace (Agnapolis?); where the people are servants of the goddess of music, Muse.

How old is Cecil Aijima? Aijima Cecil

Cecil Aijima
AgeUnknown/Around 16 (Season 1) Around 17 (Season 2) 20+ (Season 3)
BirthdayOctober 31
Height177 cm (5′ 10″)

Do Cecil and Carlos have sons? Esteban is the son of Cecil and Carlos. He was adopted by the couple two years before “A Spy in the Desert”, but his parents agreed that they needed to keep some of their personal life off the air, and so Esteban’s existence was never mentioned.

What does Cecil discover in the tomb? Plot. In 1938, a team of archaeologists is searching for the tomb of pharaoh Ahkmenrah in Egypt. Among the group is young Cecil “C.J.” Fredericks, who discovers the Tablet of Ahkmenrah.

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Is AI Mikaze a robot?

Bio: He is a robot that was made by a professor, who loved his nephew dearly. He was built to be a replacement for the idol Kisaragi Aine.

How old is Mikaze?

Mikaze Ai
Age (anime)15~16 (Season 2), 18+ (Season 3)
BirthdayMarch 1
Height178 cm (5′ 10″)

Is Hayato and Ichinose the same person?

Hayato Ichinose, (HAYATO), sometimes called Ichinose Hayato (一ノ瀬 ハヤト, Ichinose Hayato), is said to be Ichinose Tokiya’s identical twin brother. It is later revealed that HAYATO is merely Tokiya’s stage persona.

How old is Cecil Final Fantasy?

Answer: Cecil begins Final Fantasy IV at 20 years of age. By the end of the events in the After Years, he is 37.

How old is Nanami Haruka?

Nanami Haruka

Haruka Nanami
Age (game)15 (UN☆PS♪/R), 16 (SS), 17 (D/AS), 18 (ASAS)
Age (anime)15~16 (Season 1), 17~18 (Season 2), 20+ (Season 3)
Height157 cm (5’1″)
Weight45 kg (99 Ibs)

Is Cecil a Dark Knight?

As a Dark Knight, Cecil wields the Darkness ability, and stats weighted towards physical damage and can only wield swords and shields. Darkness has different effects depending on the version: in the 2D version, it deals non-elemental damage to all enemies at the cost of an eighth of his HP.

Who does turtle have a crush on?

This is because he has a crush on Kinkajou; Peril even noticed it herself, thinking, “He likes Moon and Qibli, but he’s really here for Kinkajou.” He first appears in a prologue set around three years before the events of the rest of the book.

How many eyes has Cecil?

In fan art, he is commonly depicted with a third eye on his forehead, and tattooed arms with either runic or “tentacle-like” patterns. However in the episode Niecelet, it’s revealed that he only has two.

Is Cecil Turtle evil?

The Looney Tunes Show. Cecil is a villainous customer service representative and con artist in this series.

Who is Kuppuru in Uta no Prince Sama?

Season 1. Cecil appeared to Nanami as a black cat, which Nanami named Kuppuru. In the first episode he stole a handkerchief from her room and leapt out the window, seemingly inadvertently leading her to her first encounter with Ichinose Tokiya.

Are Cecil and Otoya brothers?

Otoya Ittoki. In the games, it is revealed that Otoya is Cecil’s half-brother (Saotome is their father, but they have different mothers).

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