Which came first Accel World or Sao?

Which came first Accel World or Sao? Accel World came first.. According to their Wikipedia pages, Accel World light novel started in February 2009 while Sword Art Online started in April 2009.

Who created brain burst? The creator of the Brain Burst program is still unknown, but it is widely believed by many Burst Linkers that once a player reaches level 10, they will be introduced to the creator and will learn all the secrets about the Brain Burst program.

Who are the 7 kings in Accel World?

  • Haruyuki Arita.
  • Takumu Mayuzumi.
  • Kurrent.
  • Kuroyukihime.
  • Chiyuri Kurashima.
  • Fuuko Kurasaki.
  • Red Rider.

Who is the first Red King in Accel World? Red Rider (レッド· ライダー, Reddo Raidā) was the first Red King and the previous leader of the Red Legion, Prominence.

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Is Accel World better than Sao?

From the first episode of each show, it’s easy to see that Sword Art Online has a much higher production value. The animation is smooth, the fight scenes clear, and the characters feel as though they’re living beings in motion. Accel World, on the other hand, doesn’t quite deliver the same quality.

Who does Haru end up with in Accel World?

Accel World will end with Volume 30, working title Uninstallation Of The Universe. Haruyuki will end up together with KYH, who has never lied about her real name – it is Kuroyukihime. Her last name is Kirigaya.

Who is Haruyuki girlfriend?

Kuroyukihime is first seen in her avatar in the school’s network where Arita Haruyuki first notices her appearance. She later meets Haru for the first time after she beat his score in his squash game with an LVL. 166.

Who is the main villain in Accel World?

White Cosmos (ホワイト・コスモス, Howaito Kosumosu), also known as “Transient Eternity”, serves as the White King in the legion and is the main antagonist of Accel World.

Who is the strongest person in Accel World?

Green Grandé has extremely durable armor and high defence, leading to his title of the Invulnerable. According to Scarlet Rain, the Green King is the strongest of all the Kings and is together with Blue Knight one of the two Burst Linkers who almost never fight at their full strength.

How many Accel World movies are there?

Accel World

アクセル・ワールド (Akuseru Wārudo)
Episodes24 (+ 2 OVA episodes)
Accel World: Infinite Burst
Video games

Who is Kuroyukihime parent?

Kuroba Enju (黒羽 苑珠, Kuroba Enju) is Kuroyukihime’s Brain Burst Parent and real-life older sister. She is the White King, White Cosmos, and the leader of the White Legion, Oscillatory Universe, as well as the president of the Acceleration Research Society.

Will Accel World have a Season 2?

Season 2 takes the story forward and will cover the rest of the light novel series and continue the main characters and quest to meet the game’s creator.

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