Who all survived in Another?

Who all survived in Another?

  • Naoya Teshigawara.
  • Ikuo Takabayashi.
  • Yousuke Sakakibara.
  • Takeru Mizuno.
  • Shigeki Yonemura.
  • Noboru Saruta.
  • Kouichi Sakakibara.
  • Yuuya Mochizuki.

Does Mei Misaki have powers? Misaki lives in a doll store and even said that she gets treated like a doll herself by her “mother”. Misaki has the unusual ability to be able to see when someone is dead or alive. She states that the person that’s usually not alive has a different shade of colour than the rest.

What was the curse in Another? Chibiki tells them the truth about the accidents, which are actually a curse connected to Misaki Yomiyama, a student of Class 3-3 who died 26 years ago. After his death, his classmates, unable to let him go, kept pretending that he was still around, even leaving an empty chair for him.

Who killed Ms Mikami in Another?

AffiliationArt Club President
Cause of DeathKilled by a pickaxe used by Kouichi Sakakibara
First appearance

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Who is the villain in Another anime?

Izumi Akazawa is a main antagonist in the anime/manga series Another. She is the head of countermeasures for class 3-3, who takes steps to prevent the Curse from killing students of her class by any means necessary. Unfortunately, this eventually leads to her attempting to kill the heroine Mei Misaki.

Who started the curse in Another?

1972, Ritsuko Mikami’s Class.. He was the cause of the class curse; the first calamity leading to future deaths of the students, as well as their immediate family members, who are a part of 9th Grade Class 3.

Is Misaki dead in Another?

Misaki died in the hospital from leukemia in April. The receptionist at the doll shop and museum. Whenever she sees Kōichi, she offers him a student-discounted admission to their museum. Mei later reveals that she is her grand-aunt.

Is Mei Misaki a ghost?

Mei Misaki is the main female protagonist of the novel and anime series Another. She is a mysterious, solitary girl who is initially believed to be a ghost by Kouichi Sakakibara, but is later revealed to be a human who was made into a “sacrifice” for Class 3-3, to prevent the curse that haunts the class.

Who was Misaki in Another?

Mei Misaki (見崎 鳴 Misaki Mei) is the female protagonist of Another and a student of Class 3-3 at Yomiyama North Middle School in 1998. She was labeled by her classmates as “the one that does not exist.”

Who is the main character in Another?

Kouichi Sakakibara (榊原 恒一 Sakakibara Kōichi) is the male protagonist of Another. He is a new transfer student to Yomiyama North Middle School’s 9th Grade Class 3 in May 1998. He is 15 years old and is the only son in the Sakakibara family.

Does Mei Misaki have twin?

Misaki Fujioka is Mei Misaki’s late twin sister. Early in the anime series, Mei claims that Fujioka was her cousin.

What caused the curse in Another?

His death shocked his classmates, who in their grief simply began to deny his death. While they had only the best of intentions, they inadvertently doomed a number of other students and their families to violent deaths, marking the beginning of the curse.

Who is the curse in Another?

Koichi and Mei gather more information about the freak accidents from their teacher, Tatsuji Chibiki. Chibiki tells them the truth about the accidents, which are actually a curse connected to Misaki Yomiyama, a student of Class 3-3 who died 26 years ago.

Why does Mei cover her eye?

Her hobby is drawing, and she is a member of the school’s art club, though she states that she doesn’t enjoy creating art so much as she enjoys looking at it. Mei is also very insecure about her prosthetic eye, which is why she hides using her eyepatch.

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