Who are Ava’s parents?

Who are Ava’s parents? Ava Jerome

In-universe information
ParentsVictor Jerome Delia Ryan
SiblingsJohnno Ryan Dino Antoinelli Olivia St. John Evan Jerome Julian Jerome
SpouseNikolas Cassadine (2020–present)

Is Ava’s demon over? Ava’s Demon was conceived by Michelle Czajkowski when they were 13 and suffering from depression. It took about eight years for the story to be completed. It is already a finished story, complete with an ending.

Who plays Rhys in my inner demons? Patrick M. Seymour. Rhys (My Inner Demons)

[[File: |250px]]
First Appearance“To The Other Side”
Voice ActorPatrick M. Seymour (fill-in one line) James Brown Jr. after ep. 7 first 7 ep. Anonymous

How many my inner demons episodes are there?

My Inner Demons
PremiereJune 29th, 2019
FinaleNovember 16, 2019
Series Chronology

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What is NOI from Aphmau real name?

Voice Actors (VAs)

Voice ActorCharacter(s)
Michael A. ZekasCurrently Justin (Ultra Nova) Noi (My Inner Demons) Mysterious Man (VOID Paradox) Ivan Paul Aiden (Phoenix Drop Days) Vance (Heart Point)
Rachael MesserCurrently Shanon (Ultra Nova)
Jonathan Michael Cooke (JonathanCookeVO)Currently Hugo (Ultra Nova)

How old is Zane from Aphmau?

Zane (MyStreet)

Zane Ro’Meave
Casual Maid Formal Equestrian Delivery Play Old Swimwear Zane (starlight) Pink Trunks Casual Dinner Uniform Chara Cosplay Unmasked Young Cat Dipper Pines Cosplay Zanna (Gender Bent) Santa

Who are all of Aphmau’s kids?

They got married in March of 2012 at Disney World resort in Florida, and have since then had four children: Joseph, Julia, Jennifer, and Jessabelle.

Is Garroth a werewolf?

Garroth, now revealed to be a werewolf, met with Agent R at the beach while he was escaping the GF and gave him a brief explanation about what happened at the abandoned villa. He told him that a few weeks ago, so after the finale of Starlight, the Guardian Forces invaded and prompted everyone to evacuate inwards.

How old is ein from Aphmau?

Ein (MyStreet)

RaceWerewolf Human (temporarily)
WeaponForever Potions (Emerald Secret) Wolf Pack (stolen from Tatiana; formerly)

Who does NOI like?

It is after Noi and Ava’s date that he begins to form strong romantic feelings towards her, seemingly being the one that cares about Ava’s well-being the most out of the Daemos.

Who is Aphmau brother?

Vylad is Garroth’s and Zane’s youngest brother.

Vylad (MyStreet)

Full NameVylad Ro’Meave
Nickname(s)Little Pea (by Zianna) Vee-Vee (by Zianna) Baby Brother (by Garroth) Reject (by Zane)

How old is Ava from my inner demons?

everyday age: 17 Pajamas Drawn (Human form) casual alternative everyday Daemos form
WeaponBra (“Magic power source”) Giant Novelty Pencil
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