Who are the 10 geniuses in Lookism?

Who are the 10 geniuses in Lookism? Members

DGThe Genius
KoujiHacker Genius
Tom LeeFighting Genius
Jinyoung ParkMedical Genius

What happens at the end of Lookism? As he pleads for them to come back his handsome body gives him a devilish smile. Daniel wakes up to find out he was dreaming, and not in his second body. Daniel finds his body in the hospital comatose and the police struggle to identify him.

Who is Eli Jang in Lookism? Eli Jang (장현 Jang Hyun) is a secondary character in Lookism. He is a student in the beauty department of J High School , Yenna’s father, and one of the three children trained by Tom Lee.

Does Eli have a daughter Lookism? Yenna is the daughter of Eli Jang and his Sweetheart Heather. After her birth, Eli stopped being a thug after Heather’s death and began working hard to support her.

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Who does Zack like in Lookism?

Zack has had a strong affection for Mira Kim ever since they were children. He cares for her deeply and attempts to impress her without making a fool of himself. He gets exceedingly jealous when others flirt with her, he is always considering keeping Mira safe from others due to her bad memories of predators.

Is Olly stronger than Eli?

Additionally, Goo and Gun have noted in one of their conversations that it was ridiculous for Olly to seek out Eli if he wanted to feel fear because Olly was stronger than Eli.

Who saved Eli’s Cat Lookism?

Eli gave Ryan the final letter of Hostel, and considered him part of their family. Ryan was almost killed by Olly Wang, but was saved by Jerry Kwon, who decided to adopt the cat. He is the one who gave Jerry the scars on his face, as well as Max.

Who is the love interest in Lookism?

Love Interests. Zoe Park was the first person to ever flirt with Daniel. She initially had a crush on Daniel in his new body, however, as time passed she started to like him in his old body.

Who is the main villain in Lookism?

Eugene is a major antagonist in Lookism. He is one of Charles Choi’s 10 geniuses and the head chairman of Workers.

Who is the leader of Big deal Lookism?

Big Deal was a member of the 4 big crews. They reside in Gangseo, west of the Han river. They are led by Jake Kim.

Who are the big 4 in Lookism?

The Four Major Crews are the four biggest gangster crews of the area, divided from the Han River in four regions: North, South, East, and West.


  • North: God Dog.
  • South: Workers.
  • East: Hostel.
  • West: Big Deal.

Who is the real H Lookism?

Hostel was founded by Eli Jang as a nickname for the family he created out of his orphaned friends. The name is in English and each letter represents the Korean name of his friends: H for Hyun (Eli) O for Onseok (Warren)

Who is Samuel father in Lookism?

Samuel is curious to know who his father is, and he tells him it is Gapryong Kim. Samuel’s cigar slips out of his finger, because that is the name of the man he suspects is his father. Late at night, Goo barges into Big Deal’s store, asking if Sinu would like to join one of his four major crews.

Who all has two bodies in Lookism?

Crystal Choi (최수정 Choi Soo Jung) is a secondary character in Lookism. She is currently a student in J High School. Like Daniel, she also has two bodies.

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