Who beat up Megumi?

Who beat up Megumi? Megumi’s head begins bleeding as a result of the assault, but he manages to get back on his feet quickly. However, within a split second, Aoi blitzes Megumi and smashes his head against one of the school’s pillars, pinning Megumi.

Who is Yuji Itadori father? The first reveal is of Yuji’s father, Jin, who’s having an argument with Yuji’s grandfather.

Who sold Megumi to the zenin clan? 3. Touji told Gojo the deal because he was desperate too. He sold Megumi to the Zenin, but deep in the heart he hated them. Touji at the very least loved Megumi mama, so Touji most likely actually didn’t want to sell Megumi to them, because she had told him to take care of Megumi.

How old is Kenjaku? As a thousand-year-old sorcerer, Kenjaku possesses incredible knowledge about curses, cursed techniques and the jujutsu world.

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Who killed Mahito?

Pseudo-Geto effortlessly beats Yuji with a barrage of curses but Mahito lashes out at his ally. Mahito tells Pseudo-Geto he always knew what Pseudo-Geto’s plan for him was, moments before Pseudo-Geto uses his vessel’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation technique to seal and absorb Mahito.

Who killed sukuna?

1000 yrs ago he was a human sorcerer that murdered others of his kind. He died of natural causes, at this time he then turned into a vengeful spirit. They cut off his fingers and sealed them to prevent his reincarnation.

Who won between hakari and Kashimo?

Kashimo, feeling defeated, tells Hakari to go ahead and kill him, but he refuses because Kashimo’s 100 points would disappear. Hakari doesn’t consider this a win for himself, since Kashimo never used his Cursed Technique.

Is Hakari a special grade?

Little is known of his background and abilities, but prior to his suspension at Tokyo Jujutsu High, Hakari was recognized as a special grade sorcerer. Gojo briefly mentioned him alongside Yuta and Yuji as sorcerers who could one day surpass him.

Is Geto Yuji’s dad?

This tease that Kenjaku is actually Yuji’s real father does make a lot of sense, unfortunately, as we have seen his possession of sorcerers such as Noritoshi Kamo and Geto.

Who is Yuji Itadori mom?

It’s unknown if his father or grandfather were sorcerers or curse users (highly likely), but it is heavily implied that Yuuji’s “Mother” is Kenjaku, the same entity currently possessing Suguru Geto’s body.

Who will marry Hajime?

Remia is one of Hajime’s wives. She sees Hajime as a savior and a father figure for Myu that led her to pretend to be in love with Hajime in consideration of her daugher’s feelings before falling in love with him for real as time progress.

Who kills Gojo?

Toji managed to sneak from Gojo’s six eyes and stab him from the back. After that, no matter what kind of limitless techniques that Gojo throws at him, Toji has the perfect answer for them.

Who is Hajime wife?

In the After Story, Hajime began to marry Shizuku to become one of his wives, until Shizuku’s so-called “fans” of the “Soul Sisters” tried to stop their marriage.

Who is Hajime JJK?

Hajime Kashimo ( 鹿紫雲 かしも 一 はじめ , Kashimo Hajime?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a jujutsu sorcerer from 400 years ago currently inhabiting the body of someone Kenjaku prepared as a vessel.

Who killed Nobara?

She met her demise in the fight against the curse Mahito in Shibuya. During the Shibuya incident, Yuji and Nobara were face to face with the curse Mahito. One of the strongest curses alive, Mahito’s cursed technique allowed him to reshape a soul through a touch, his own or his target’s.

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