Who betrayed Nagumo?

Who betrayed Nagumo? Hajime Nagumo is an average otaku who is bullied by one of his classmates about his relationship Kaori Shirasaki. When the students traveled to a fantasy world, they were involved in a dungeon raid. Here, Hajime was betrayed by Daisuke Hiyama as fell into the abyss.

Who does Hajime Nagumo love the most? Though initially has his eyes on Yue as his main lover, Hajime accepted others having a harem of the most beautiful girls (including his middle school lover Kaori and later Shizuku). Hajime is very protective of his lovers and did all efforts to make them happy.

Who is God in Arifureta? Ehit (エヒト, Ehito?) was the main antagonist of both “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest” and “Arifureta Zero”. Ehit was the god, who ruled over Tortus through the doctrine passed through various disciples.

How many children does Hajime have?

Saitō Hajime
ChildrenFujita Tsutomu (son) Fujita Tsuyoshi (son) Numazawa Tatsuo (son)
RelationsYamaguchi Yūsuke (father) Masu (mother) Yamaguchi Hiroaki (brother) Soma Katsu (sister)
Other workPolice officer
Police career

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Why did ERI betrayed Hajime?

After Hajime arrived and foiled all of her plans, Eri betrayed Hiyama upon witnessing how weak and worthless he is when he outlived his usefulness to her as far as she renegaded their deal for her own survival from Hajime’s wrath.

How old is the main character in Arifureta?

She is 563 years old and initially respected by Yue. Her appearance is a woman of her 20s with “watermelon” chests and golden eyes.

Is Hajime a villain?

Hajime establishes himself as a villain at heart, from a combination of his cold and calculating methods and his grim origin story. As a boy, Hajime had zero self-esteem or confidence, owing to his unusually bad looks and how everyone, family included, soundly rejected him.

Does Yue and Hajime have a child?

During Season 1 of Arifureta, Hajime and Yue go from meeting in the labyrinth to taking care of a daughter together. Here’s how this comes to be.

Who is the villain in Arifureta?

Daisuke Hiyama is the central antagonist of the Japanese web-turned-light novel, manga, and anime franchise Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest.

How many wives does Hajime have?

Hajime married a total of eight wives: Yue, Shea Haulia, Tio Klarus, Kaori Shirasaki, Aiko Hatayama, Liliana S. B. Heiligh, Shizuku Yaegashi, and Remia.

What level is Nagumo Hajime?

As a result, Hajime’s constitution was mutated by the magic of the monster granting him a tremendously high status, even breaking pass the level 100 limit. At the costs of his mutation, he will no longer be considered as human and no longer be afraid at anything anymore.

Who is Shimizu Arifureta?

Yukitoshi Shimizu is a supporting antagonist in the Japanese web-turned-light novel, manga and anime franchise Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest. He was a member of Aiko’s defense squad until he betrayed them to join Garland in order to become a “Hero” at the eyes of the demons.

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