Who defeats Saitama?

Who defeats Saitama? 6/10 Zeno (Dragon Ball Super). Zeno from Dragon Ball Super couldn’t just defeat Saitama but could put an end to everyone in the One Punch Man universe. He is the god of the multiverse and is so strong that he can wipe out the entire universe with a single thought.7 days ago

How did Saitama become Class C? Saitama meets Sonic and defeats him. Saitama and Genos attend the Hero Association exam and pass. Genos becomes an S-Class hero, while Saitama becomes a C-Class hero.

Is Saitama A-Class C hero? The physical tests were quite easy for Saitama and he recorded the best scores in all of them. However, he performed quite poorly in the written test and received an overall score of 71 making him a C rank hero. The Caped Baldy certainly has to rise through the ranks in order to become a C-class hero.

What rank is Saitama currently? Saitama is currently placed in B-Class with Rank 7 in the One Punch Man manga and anime series.

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Does Saitama ever find a worthy opponent?

Boros was the only one that was acknowledged by Saitama, who said that he was a strong fighter. Since then, every villain he faced has been beaten within a punch or two and Saitama hasn’t worked up a sweat during any of these fights. Even in the manga, Saitama was able to beat Orochi with ease.

Why is Saitama low rank?

The easy answer is that his just too dumb to be classified as an S-Class hero. He completely failed his written exam for the hero examination on questions that mostly require you to use common sense mixed with a degree of intelligence.

Who is S rank 1 blast?

Blast (ブラスト, Burasuto) is the S-Class Rank 1 professional hero of the Hero Association. Outside of Saitama, he is the Hero Association’s most powerful hero. He currently appears to be going to various places in order to collect the Mysterious Cubes, which is a hobby of his.

Does Saitama have limits?

Simply put… Saitama has no limit. So, tell me how someone who continues to search for power and break their limits, can possibly beat someone who has no limit.

Who gave Saitama his powers?

So how did Saitama get his powers in One Punch Man? Saitama got his powers through a workout routine that ended up breaking his limiter, opening up his maximum power levels above that of a normal human. One Punch Man is a type of comedy anime that hams up shonen tropes as one of its main appeals.

Did Saitama lose his powers?

The Caped Baldy, who was already the strongest character in the series, became far stronger after he learnt how to travel back in time. But, upon reaching the current timeline, Saitama lost his ability to time travel, an ability that only Genos remembers now because of the replacement of his core.

Has Saitama ever been hurt?

Saitama has been in numerous battles, and he has always emerged victorious. There hasn’t been a single character who has even come close to beating him.

How many stars did Saitama destroy?

This means that on their way Garou and Saitama destroyed from 1 612 815 neutron stars, which, by the way, are mostly single and have a low stellar density.

Is Saitama related to blast?

Blast being Saitama’s father makes sense from a thematic perspective too. One-Punch Man is built on the premise of subverting typical anime and manga tropes and one of the most common twists, especially in Shonen series, is revealing the protagonist to secretly have prestigious or powerful lineage.

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