Who designs Rainbow High dolls?

Who designs Rainbow High dolls? Rainbow High was designed by Michael Anderson. It first launched in late July 2020, and at the time were only at Target. They are now available in other stores. The first release was of the 6 main characters, making up Series 1.

Who manufactures Rainbow High dolls? Rainbow High is a fashion doll franchise invented/created by Michael Scott Anderson originally as Rainbow Surprise and released by American toy company MGA Entertainment in 2020 originally as a spin-off from their Poopsie Slime Surprise brand.

Who Is the black Rainbow High doll? The brand carries two collections of dolls that each have their own area of study with their personal styles correlating with a certain color in the rainbow. Krystal Bailey is the first dark-skinned Black doll to come out of Rainbow High’s second lineup of dolls, making finding her online a challenge.

Does Walmart have Shadow High dolls? Shadow High Special Edition Ainsley Fashion Dolls Playset includes Designer Outfits or 400+ Stylish Looks. Great Gift for Kids 6-12 Years Old and Collectors.

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What is the point of Shadow High dolls?

MGA Entertainment says, “The dolls are fully articulated, including their arms and legs, and they feature unique sculpts.” The dolls, MGA said, inspire fans to be creative and “embody themes of confidence and self-expression that resonate with kids, parents, and collectors alike.” Each doll features two “edgy” outfits.

How tall are the shadow High dolls?

Just search for “Rainbow High Dolls” or Shadow High Dolls. Height 11 inches/ 28cm. 6 assorted characters to collect – 1 supplied. For ages 3 years and over.

How tall is Rainbow High?

The dolls stand at 11 inches tall. Every doll has a unique skin tone, however for the sake of simplicity all have been organized based on general undertone and shade as seen below. Each of the original Rainbow High dolls had 13 points of articulation total.

What are the names of the shadow High dolls?

FAVORITE COLLECTION: Collect all Shadow High Fashion Dolls: Natasha Zima, Heather Grayson, Ash Silverstone, Nicole Steel, Luna Madison, Shanelle Onyx, Naomi & Veronica Storm. Visit the Rainbow High Store to shop the amazing Shadow High and Rainbow High collections.

When did Shadow High dolls come out?

The first series of the spin-off was launched in April 25th, 2022 and was available to pre-order in major retailers priced at $29.99. The spin-off’s first special edition dolls Naomi Storm and Veronica Storm released at the same time in late May 2022.

Who was the first Rainbow High doll?

The first 11-inch Rainbow High dolls were released in 2020, with the initial lineup including Ruby Anderson, Poppy Rowan, Sunny Madison, Jade Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw and Violet Willow dolls.

Who makes shadow High dolls?

MGA Entertainment’s edgy, new doll line is stepping out of the shadows to stir up a high school rivalry with Rainbow High. The students of Shadow High embody the other half of the Rainbow, featuring an assortment of six dolls in grayscale tones with a touch of iridescent shine and subtle rainbow details.

How many Shadow High dolls are there?

The Shadow High collection features an assortment of six dolls distinguished by bold, grayscale tones with a touch of iridescent shine and classic rainbow accents. The line introduces fans and collectors to all-new characters whose personalities are just as unique and enigmatic as their style.

Why did Monster High dolls stop selling?

Sales started to decline in 2013 around the time the Ever After High was launched (possibly due to self-cannibalization, i.e. their own products were competing with each other).

What’s the difference between Rainbow High and Shadow High?

Shadow High is a confirmed spin-off line of dolls featuring new characters from a new school which is called “Shadow High” and just like Pacific Coast, This line is from a different school and doesn’t include students from Rainbow High.

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