Who did Kokichi love?

Who did Kokichi love? Kokichi is completely in love and is enamored by Shuichi it hurts. His love for Shuichi is valid, so freaking valid, 100% valid, more valid than my existence. 98. I love the bonus interactions between them hidden throughout the chapters, like the one where Kokichi tells Shuichi that everything he does is for everyone.

Is Kaede Akamatsu still alive? Kaede to Shuichi Saihara. Kaede Akamatsu is the central protagonist of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. She was the main protagonist of the prologue and the Chapter 1 of the game until she was executed at the near end of the first chapter and Shuichi Saihara takes over the role of being the main protagonist.

Why is Junko obsessed with despair? Junko revealed that the reason why she loved despair so much was because of that super analytical ability—she had gotten bored with the world and she believed that only despair could save her from that boredom.

Is Kaede a girl E? On April 24, she was announced as member of E-girls, having a concurrent position between the group and Happiness.

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Is Kaede a false protagonist?

Kaede Akamatsu is the female protagonist of Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony serving as the main protagonist of the demo version and the false main protagonist of the real game version.

Why didn’t Kaede use the first blood perk?

Kaede did not take advantage of the First Blood Perk due to not wanting everyone to die because of her failed plan to kill the mastermind and instead went to the class trial where she was found guilty and executed.

Who was the first victim in Danganronpa V3?

Executions were first chronologically introduced in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy – Despair Arc. A prototype hosted by Junko Enoshima was first used to execute Chiaki Nanami in order to make her classmates fall into despair.

Why was Kaede executed?

Because Tsumugi Shirogane is the mastermind. Kaede Akamatsu was framed for the murder because Tsumugi found out that she was trying to kill the mastermind and save everyone.

How old is Kokichi Ouma?

20. He’s been held back a few years. They don’t state this in the main game, but in outside sources it’s been shown Kokichi skips all his classes and doesn’t care enough to graduate, implicating that he’s 20 years old and cannot pass the senior year of high school.

Does Kaede Akamatsu have a twin?

In Chapter 6, during the investigation of the suspended animation room near Kaito’s Research Lab, Tsumugi discovered a list of participants for The Gofer Project which lists Kaede as having a twin sister.

Is Kaede Akamatsu a minor?

She is a minor character in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony and was only mentioned as a red herring for the mastermind’s identity.

Who is Kaede’s crush?

Kaede has been shown to care deeply for Shuichi, as shown in the first class trial, when she attempted to steer suspicion away from him after the other students begin to accuse him.

Did Kokichi care about Kaede?

The ship was fueled even more because of how Kokichi said that he cared about Kaede and offered her ruling the world by his side.

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