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Who did Whitley Gilbert marry?

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Who did Whitley Gilbert marry? Dwayne Cleofis Wayne

Whitley Gilbert-Wayne
OccupationAssistant Art Buyer Teacher
FamilyMercer Gilbert (father) Marion Height Gilbert (mother)
SpouseDwayne Cleofis Wayne

Does Denise come back to A Different World? She only reappears once in season 3 to give Dwayne closure on his crush. Note: Denise originated as a regular character on The Cosby Show, on which she was featured on a regular basis during seasons 1–3 and 6–7, and on a recurring basis during seasons 4 and 5. She left “A Different World” after season 1.

What happened to Colonel Taylor’s daughter? Taylor’s daughter, Suzanne, disappears completely following her breakup with Dwayne and is never spoken of by Col. Taylor or Terrance for the remainder of the series, apart from Terrance complaining about having to move into her old room when stepmom Jaleesa turns his into her office.

Are Jasmine Guy and Jada Pinkett friends? Jada Pinkett Smith and Jasmine Guy starred together in “A Different World,” but their friendship didn’t end when the sitcom did. The two actresses told January’s edition of Essence magazine that they remain the best of friends; Guy even got married at Pinkett Smith’s home.

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What episode did Whitley and Julian break up?

A World Alike

A World Alike
Original airdateFebruary 15, 1990
IMDBA World Alike
Episode chronology
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Why was A Different World Cancelled?

‘A Different World’ was a rating success throughout its run. But in its sixth season, the show’s time period was changed. Its ranking significantly dropped also, down to the 71st spot. In January 1993, NBC placed the show on hiatus because of low ratings. Subsequently, the network announced the cancellation of the show.

What happened at the end of A Different World?

The final episode aired on NBC was an hour-long event in which — spoiler alert — Dwayne and Whitley (now married) leave their life at Hillman behind and venture off to Japan, where Dwayne accepted a job.

Why did they get rid of Millie on A Different World?

During the first season, Whitley’s roommate and protégée Millie was written out of the series as actress Marie-Alice Recasner was planning to have a child. Producers also wanted Whitley to have a roommate/confidante who was more of a strong willed and independent contrast, resulting in the creation of Kim.

Who does Kim end up with on A Different World?

After being pursued by him for months, she entered a relationship with Ron Johnson, but they later broke up. She later became involved with medical student Spencer Boyer. By the end of the series, she finished her first year of medical school and became engaged to Spencer.

Is Hillman a real college?

Hillman College was a women’s college in Clinton, Mississippi, that existed from 1853 until 1942. It was originally named the Central Female Institute, and renamed Hillman College in 1891. It was organized by the Central Baptist Association, and remained in operation throughout the American Civil War.

Who did Jasmine Guy date from A Different World?

Jasmine Guy and Kadeem Hardison were one of TV’s most beloved couples on NBC’s A Different World, as Whitley Gilbert and Dwayne Wayne.

Do jasmine and Logan ever get together?

Jasmine and Logan ended up together, so they probably married and had kids a few years after the series finale. Jasmine and Logan are portrayed by Piper Curda and Austin North.

Why is Denise no longer on different world?

According to reports, when Bill Cosby learned that Lisa Bonet was expecting a baby with her former husband, Lenny Kravitz, he fired her from the show. Although crew members suggested that having a pregnant student at Hillman College would be innovative, Bill Cosby insisted that it could not be Denise Huxtable.

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