Who dies in Mushoku tensei?

Who dies in Mushoku tensei? Finally, after a large-scale attack on Rudeus’ life fails, the Human God gives up on his plans against him, opting to scheme against Rudeus’s descendants instead. In the end, Rudeus lives the rest of his life peacefully before his natural death at the age of 74.

Who is Pax wife? He finds plenty more to joke about now he is a father himself and lives in New Lynn, Auckland with his wife Sholeh and two children, Vaha, 6, Lua, 4. PAX: It is kind of funny. The best part of the house, for me, is how close it is to my daughter’s school.

Is Lilia a demon? Having absorbed enough power, Lilia transforms into a much more powerful demonic form and attempts to kill the Sins and Rimuru.

Who is Lilia husband?

Lilia Dizon
Spouse(s)Gil de León (1945-196?) Antonio V. Abad
Children5 (including Christopher)
RelativesLotlot de Leon (adoptive granddaughter) Matet de Leon (adoptive granddaughter) Gabriel de Leon (grandson) Janine Gutierrez (adoptive great granddaughter) Sandy Andolong (daughter-in-law) Nora Aunor (ex-daughter-in-law)

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Does Rudeus save his family?

After arriving in Central Continent, he found out the whereabouts of his other younger sister Aisha and her mother Lilia. He rescued them and afterward encountered Dragon God Orsted.

Who is the first child of Rudeus Greyrat?

Lara Greyrat is the second child of Rudeus Greyrat, after Lucy Greyrat and the first child born from Roxy Greyrat.

How many kids does Rudeus Greyrat have?

After the events of the Teleport Labyrinth, Roxy becomes Rudeus’ second wife. They had two daughters, Lara Greyrat and Lily Greyrat.

Did Zenith Greyrat recover?

Following the Teleport Incident, however, she was transported into the Teleportation Labyrinth and encased within a mana crystal. After being rescued, she awoke as a Miko, but was left in a constant dream-like state.

Does Rudeus find his maid?

Rudeus Greyrat. They later on meet again in Light Novel Volume 11 where she becomes his maid, as she expressed her interest of becoming one in Volume 6. Although she is a maid in the house, Rudeus chooses to see her as his little sister instead of one.

What did Pax do to Lilia?

In an attempt to lure Roxy back, Pax kidnaps Lilia and Aisha. The goal is for Roxy to fall into a magical barrier so Pax can do whatever he wants with her. The plan is completely ruined by Rudeus Greyrat due to the fact that he happened to meet Pax’s half-brother, Zanoba Shirone.

Does Paul marry Lilia?

Rudeus’ quick thinking prevented the family from falling apart and he ended up marrying Lilia as the second wife. After his daughters were born Paul saw just how dependent Sylphy was towards Rudeus and felt that it wasn’t good for both kids’ futures.

Who is human God in Mushoku?

Hitogami, also known as the Man-God or Human God, is the main antagonist of the light novel and anime series Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, as well as a returning antagonist in the upcoming sequel.

Who is Rudeus third wife?

Eris Greyrat. When the trip was over and they managed to come back, Eris and Rudeus had their first night together, the next morning Eris was gone. this caused Rudeus to enter a state of depression and contracted ED. After 5 years, they reunited after battling Orsted and Eris became Rudeus’ third wife.

What happens with Aisha and ARS Greyrat?

In one of the redundancy side stories, she ends up marrying Ars Greyrat. Due to community reaction, the author removed that side story, but plans to write it again in the future.

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