Who Does Chase have a crush on in Restart?

Who Does Chase have a crush on in Restart? Some of the characters are hinting some romantic interest between Chase and Shoshanna. In the last chapter, Brendan suggests that Shoshanna and Chase are “a thing” or will be a thing even though it was never really confirmed.

How old is chase in Restart? When 13-year-old Chase Ambrose wakes up in a hospital after four days in a coma, there’s a woman weeping at his side. “Where am I?” he asks. “Who are these people?” Turns out the woman is his mother, and Chase has developed amnesia after falling off his roof.

What is Chase hiding in Restart? Chase was hiding the Medal of Honor he stole from Solway on his roof and after he finished he saw his overweight neighbor doing some yoga through the neighbor’s sunroof. Chase found the image so funny he decided to take a photo of it… while still climbing down from the roof.

What is the climax for Restart? Climax. Chase does not remember that he took the meddle of honer from Mr. Solway. So he accused Aaron and Bare of taking it.

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What is the theme in Restart?

The Possibility of Change and Growth. One irony of Restart is Korman’s demonstration that these young people who are changing so drastically and rapidly have, in a real sense, already arrived.

What is the main conflict in Restart?

Characters. I think the main conflict of Restart is man vs society, because when Chase falls off a roof, even though he has changed, society is still not too sure. One of the main characters is Chase Ambrose. Chase turns out to be kind, helpful and nice.

What happened in Chapter 25 in Restart?

Chapter 25 Summary: “Chase Ambrose”. Chase is skeptical when he receives Brendan’s invitation. He believes Brendan has an idea for a video and just wants help shooting it. He longs to be involved with the video club again, especially to experience laughter and joy, since he has nothing to laugh about.

Who did chase bully?

Shoshanna Weber is a student at Hiawassee Middle School. She is the twin sister of Joel Weber and was born fourteen minutes before him. Her brother is the bullying target of Chase Ambrose whose bullying forced her brother to be sent to a boarding school.

Who is the main character of Restart?

Chase Ambrose. Chase is the 13-year-old protagonist of Restart. After falling off his roof, he is afflicted with amnesia and unable to recall any event or person from before he woke up in the hospital. He is very much a reverse hero compared to other middle grade protagonists.

What is the purpose of Restart?

It’s natural for a computer to start running more slowly if it has been left on for a long time, and restarting it will usually speed things up. This works because a reboot will free up memory space and clear temporary files that were stored by various pieces of software.

What is the plot of Restart?

BOOK SUMMARY: When a fall from a roof wipes out Chase Ambrose’s memory, he has to restart his life. Upon returning to school, Chase is puzzled by the differences in the way that others treat him. Some are happy to see him while others steer clear of him. Can Chase figure out who he was before?

What are the rising actions in Restart?

Rising action. After getting some of his memory back from his mom Chase goes to school and he feels awkward because he doesn’t know any body. Chase is reunited with his main three friends but hardly knows them. Their names was Aaron & Bear.

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