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Who does Chizuru end up with in ReLIFE?

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Who does Chizuru end up with in ReLIFE? It picks up the same night Chizuru and Arata regain their memories of each other, and ends just over 4 years later.

Who is Kaizaki senpai? Michiru was Kaizaki’s Senpai and major supporter throughout his time in the same company. He described her as a bright and cheerful person.

Who does honoka like? Honoka Sawada (沢田 ほのか, Sawada Honoka?) is a second year side character who first made an appearance in Chapter 29. She is first seen stalking Izumi Miyamura, causing many people, including Kyouko Hori, to assume she has a crush on Miyamura. However, it is revealed that the person she has feelings for is Hori.

Does everyone forget in ReLIFE? ReLIFE employees are given antibodies against the viruses of the test subjects, and the test subjects are also given antibodies against the viruses of the employees. Therefore they will remember each other even after the experiment is over.

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How many chapters does ReLIFE anime cover?

even if relife is shorter per chapter than most mangas that is still 108chapters in 13 episodes meaning they skipped out ALOT, seeing how good the anime is despite that should give you an idea on how good the manga is too considering there is more content comedy and interactions and enough difference to not make it …

What are the ReLIFE OVAS about?

Plot Summary:. As the two ReLife experiments are about to reach their time limit, Arata Kanzaki and Chizuru Hoshino must wrap things up at school. Soon their memories will be partially erased and they will be introduced to their adult lives once again. Good: 40 votes (sub:33, dub:4, others:3.

Does ReLIFE have romance?

Romance is present. Slight feels. Good Story. The main characters were both an older adult working/going through unstable situations in their lives.

Is ReLIFE worth watching?

From the interesting story to how unexpectedly the story went, this entire anime is one worth watching and I highly recommend anyone to watch it. Its a well-written anime and its probably one of the best slice-of-life ones I’ve seen in a while.

What should I watch after ReLIFE?

What are you going to watch next?

  • Golden Time.
  • Kimi ni Todoke.
  • Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED)
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  • Toradora!
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  • Barakamon.

Is ReLIFE finished?

Manga artist Yayoiso announced in the 217th chapter of her ReLIFE manga on Friday that she plans to end the manga with the 222nd chapter on March 16.

Is ReLIFE ending sad?

I just finished ReLIFE and I almost ended up crying because of the ending. While it didn’t seem intentional, the ending really brought up some emotions.

What happens to Arata and Chizuru?

And In the last chapter Arata is given his first work as a Relife executive(he took the job in Relife company). Chizuru is also now working in the Relife team but is in the medical department.

What is the purpose of ReLIFE?

The organization have a secret pharmaceutical division that developed a pill to make a person’s physical appearance look significantly younger. Through the pill, the organization can also manipulate surrounding people’s memory associated with the younger-looking person.

Who is subject No 1 in ReLIFE?

Hishiro was in fact Test Subject No. 001 of the Kantou Branch of ReLIFE Laboratory. Her inter-personal issues had made her not able to keep any job for long, and the list of short-term employments on her resume eventually made her unemployable.

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