Who does Kira Yamato end up with?

Who does Kira Yamato end up with? After the battle, Kira was reunited with Cagalli Yula Athha, the girl he helped escape from Heliopolis.

How did trowa lose his memory? But during an attack by rebel forces on a location his family happened to be, he not only lost his parents in the ensuing battle, but also got separated from his sister. Because of this same conflict, he also happened to get struck on his head and got amnesia.

Does trowa get his memory back? Trowa similarly takes Zero for a spin and regains his memories, so throw in the fact that Trowa’s Heavyarms Gundam was taken into space by Heero and we have all five Gundam pilots with all five Gundams working together on the Peacemillion, the large spaceship Milliardo used to call home.

Did Quatre destroy a colony? Intent on ridding outer space of all weapons, Quatre was unprepared for the mental stress caused by the Wing Zero’s neural interface, the ZERO System; it drove him to the point of insanity, and he destroyed an OZ-occupied resource satellite and an evacuated civilian colony.

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Does Heero marry Relena?

After having one of the most complicated relationships in anime, Relena and Heero finally got married. Heero’s multiple promises (and even actual attempts) to one day kill her didn’t pan out so well, but he finally proposes to her at the end of Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop.

Does Heero end up with Relena?

In the epilogue, Heero and Relena have been unofficially married for five months and are living together on Mars. Heero had proposed to her by card, and she immediately accepted after noting that he finally did what she told him to do years ago by handing it to her in person.

Who is trowa Phobos?

Trowa Phobos (トロワ・フォボス, Torowa Fobosu?, derived from French trois, lit. “three”) is a character in the novel New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop and the pilot of the Scheherazade mobile suit.

Is the Tallgeese a Gundam?

Designed by the five scientists, the Tallgeese was the first armed mobile suit, and is the common ancestor of both the Gundams (specifically their prototype, the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero) and the mass-produced military mobile suits (most notably the OZ-06MS Leo and its variants).

Which Gundam pilot has the most kills?

Heero Yuy is the overall champion with 175 victories (164 mobile suits), followed by Chang Wufei with 151 (132 mobile suits) and Trowa Barton with 149 (133 mobile suits).

Did Quatre build wing zero?

In AC 195, Quatre Raberba Winner discovered a copy of the blueprints following his father’s death, and used his resources to construct Wing Zero to replace his then-destroyed Gundam Sandrock.

Is Treize a villain?

Type of Villain. Treize Khushrenada is the main antagonist of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. He is the leader of OZ, an organization within the United Earth Sphere Alliance, the tyrannical government that was taking control of the colonies.

What is trowa Barton real name?

Trowa Barton (トロワ・バートン), real name being Triton Bloom, is one of the five main Gundam pilots of his respective canon.

Why does Heero want to destroy his Gundam?

Heero later planned to destroy the sunken Wing Gundam, in order to prevent OZ from getting their hands on it.

Who killed Heero Yuy?

One year later, on April 7, AC 175, Yuy was killed by Odin Lowe ; present at the time were his aides Dekim Barton and Quinze.

Is Heero Yuy a Newtype?

Heero Yuy is the original Protagonist of Mobile Suite: Gundam Wing, he is the genetic younger brother of Villain Yorn and a viciously powerful Newtype whom has been well sheltered in that field’s learning department, this was the reason he was not alerted to the Assassination plot nor to the assassins’ intent to make …

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