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Who does Midori end up with?

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Who does Midori end up with? She decides to let go of her first love, Tsukasa, in order to go to Kazuma. Eventually, Midori marries Kazuma and has a daughter named Akane, and they move to Midori’s island to start a new life. There, Midori, Kazuma, and Akane are reunited with Tsukasa, his wife, and son Kakeru. 15 years old.

Does Midori and Seiji end up together? Seiji confessed his love to twenty girls and was rejected by every one. Kouta loves Midori and Seiji. Midori, Ayase, and Shiori love Seiji. Seiji ends up with Midori.

Is Midori Sou hiyori? Sou Hiyori, also known as Midori, is the main antagonist in the first half of the third and final chapter of the RPG Maker game Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority- He is actually a doll of the original Sou Hiyori, and acts as the Fourth and Fifth Floor’s Master, setting traps for the participants and running away …

Who ends up with Seiji Aino? Seiji ends up alone with Shikimi and accidentally reveals that he and the girls are immortal. Guri realises her Kiss Note is missing.

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Does yuzu love Seiji?

Yuzu seems to see Seiji as a good friend, as she soon began to fall in love with him and even becomes one of his brides alongside Guri and Akane.

What does Midori Gurin like?

Although she is a joke character, Midori still has her own interests. Midori’s favorite foods and drinks will be anything green, such as lettuce, green tea or spinach. On that note, when she eats M&M’s, she only picks out the green ones because they “taste better”. She also loves nature.

Who does Utsumi end up with GE?

As a result, Seiji is left utterly lonely deep inside, eventually finding Shō as a source of comfort, resulting in the two kissing each other, and later begin dating.

Who does Aino end up with in love tyrant?

After listening to Seiji’s confession together with Yuzu one day, Akane decides to settle down the past and live together peacefully with Yuzu and Guri as well. In the end of manga, she becomes one of Seiji’s brides along with Yuzu and Guri in the wedding ceremony and joins the Aino Family. She is now Akane Aino.

Does Midori marry Wataru?

In the end, the two indeed both said “I do” at the altar, and in the three-month catch-up filmed after their weddings, they noted they were planning to complete their marriage paperwork and make things official after the show debuted.

Did Yuichi cheat on Midori?

When Yuuichi disappears because of his cheating on Midori and owing 2 million yen to her husband, Midori develops depression during that time, she rapes Punpun and leaves him scarred for life, causing him to develop a strong hatred for her.

Did Midori and Toru get together?

Toru Watanabe doesn’t go to Midori, and that was the last conversation they had. The book ends with the standard Murakami ending, which leaves in thinking and deciding what could’ve been the end.

Is Midori Asakusa a girl?

Asakusa is a girl of short height, shorter than her peers, with a combination of short black-colored hair that matches her pure black eyes. She also carries around a camouflage sun hat and backpack.

Does Akane and Seiji get married?

After aiding him, Seiji told Akane that she was very kind. Despite being told that by many people, Akane felt stronger toward Seiji because he could not see her beauty and truly believed she was kind back then. Since then, Akane has fallen in love with Seiji. She officially becomes Seiji’s wife during the epilogue.

Does Midori get back her body?

After realizing how much trouble she has caused and that Seiji does not wish for it to be like this for the rest of their lives, Midori comes to the conclusion that she doesn’t want things to remain like this. The next day, Seiji’s right hand has returned to normal and Midori is returned to her real body and wakes up.

How old is Midori in Midori Days?

Main characters. A 16-year-old girl who ends up as Seiji’s right hand. She has had a crush on him for three years. One day, she wishes to be with him, so much so that she finds herself in the place of his right hand.

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