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Who does Musashi end up with?

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Who does Musashi end up with? Otsu (おつう, Otsū) is one of the main characters in the Vagabond manga series, and Musashi’s main love interest.

Why is Musashi soul black? It’s possible that Musashi has a black soul because he shares it with the Obsidian Goddess, whose immense power has distorted his soul’s natural hue.

Who does Musashi Orient end up with? Musashi wonders how to choose, and Mitsuru Osafune, head of the Ryuzoji Band band, tells him to go with the one he falls in love at first glance. Finding Mitsuru attractive, Musashi agrees and choses Enma’s Oodachi.

Are Haruka and Michiru a couple? Sailor Moon did a lot to rock the boat with their romance, since Michiru and Haruka are one of the earliest examples of a lesbian couple in anime and manga, and Naoko Taekuchi has been open in her confirmation that the pair are a couple.

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Why did Michiru turn into a tanuki?

Michiru Kagemori, the protagonist of Studio Trigger’s new anime BNA: Brand New Animal, was once an ordinary human girl. A blood transfusion following a car accident, however, resulted in her turning into a beastman, specifically a tanuki.

Does Michiru turn back into a human?

By the end of the series, Michiru not only chooses to remain in her tanuki form, but chooses to decline the cure to her “beastman disease,” which would allow her to become fully human and see her family again. She has found a new home in Anima City, and seems, for the moment, to be completely happy with who she is.

Who killed Michiru?

Michiru is even the one to nominate Nana as their new leader after the presumed death of Nanao. Eventually, Michiru is lead into the forests where she is ambushed by the sadistic Tsurumigawa Rentaro, a psychopath who despised “cute things” and would hack them up with knives.

How old is the wolf in BNA?

Later on, as he recovers, Mayor Rose reveals Shirou is indeed the thousand-year old Silver Wolf. He lived in a city called Nirvasyl, where humans and beastmen coexisted in harmony.

Is Michiru and shirou canon?

Canon. Shirou and Michiru are two adults currently living in Anima City, who met on the city’s 10th anniversary. On the night they met, Shirou caught three anti-Beastmen terrorists who bombed the festival, but was stopped by Michiru before he could kill them in the name of justice.

Does Michiru end up with Musashi?

After finally realizing his daughter is not the same as himself, Michiru manages to break free of her father and escapes with Musashi.

Does Michiru like Musashi?

After being saved by him from a Green Oni, Michiru developed a romantic crush on Musashi and would later confide him about her severe case of shyness.

Who is Michiru’s best friend?

Nazuna Hiwatashi (日渡 なずな, Hiwatashi Nazuna) is one of the main characters in the BNA: Brand New Animal series. She was formerly a high school student and is the best friend of Michiru Kagemori.

What happened to Michiru?

Yuuji doused Michiru off and had her to be buried alive besides the lighthouse as she had once wished for it. Yuuji told Michiru to decide either she tried her best to get out or just staying there until she was suffocated to death.

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