Who does Narumi Momose end up with?

Who does Narumi Momose end up with? Narumi Momose (桃瀬 成海, Momose Narumi) is one of the protagonists in Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii series. She is the childhood friend and girlfriend of Hirotaka Nifuji who later becomes his wife in Vol. 11 Ch.

Who is Hirotaka’s first love? Narumi Momose was his first crush and he seems to have carried a torch for her ever since childhood.

What is Momose secret? Nifuji asks her about whether she was planning on going to an anime convention and this revealed to everyone that Momose is actually secretly an otaku.

Who does NAO end up with Wotakoi? When Naoya finally caught up with Kō one day, he gathered up the courage to confess to her, and did. She felt immense happiness and said yes. Currently, the two are a couple.

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Who is Hanako’s boyfriend?

Tarō Kabakura (樺倉 太郎 Kabakura Tarō) is Hirotaka Nifuji’s co-worker at the office and the husband of Hanako Koyanagi who is a less intense otaku who likes heroes and bishoujo (beautiful girls). Along with Hanako, Taro works at an unknown company with Narumi Momose and Hirotaka Nifuji.

What is the otaku mean?

Otaku is also defined in Japan as a word that defines a person who has obsessive interests, and can apply to a wide variety of topics, including anime, manga, cosplay, collectibles and more.

What is anime fan called?

Otaku (Japanese: おたく, オタク, or ヲタク) is a Japanese word that describes people with consuming interests, particularly in anime, manga, video games, or computers.

Is Wotakoi finished?

Similarly, the manga’s final volume will ship October 14th, and will include the third Original Anime Disc adapting the Company Trip arc from the manga which sees the four protagonists go on a company trip together. It’s no surprise that Wotakoi is ending, given its fairly grounded setting.

What was Hirotaka’s wish?

Hirotaka tells her that he wishes she acted more formally than normal, so they try going out on a date where they’ve made otaku things off-limits. Hirotaka takes Narumi out on a date. However, Narumi has a hard time switching over to non-otaku mode.

Is Koyanagi dating Kabakura?

Koyanagi is another very important character in Wotakoi. She is the second main girl and is Kabakura’s girlfriend. Like the other characters, she Koyanagi is also an otaku though she doesn’t play as many games and is more of a BL manga reader.

What chapter does Wotakoi anime end on?

The anime end at chapter 21. But at the same time, chapter 22 is in the anime in a prior episode.

Does Wotakoi have Lgbtq?

The fujoshi characters in “Wotakoi” fetishize homosexual attraction in a way that makes me uncomfortable, without acknowledging the fact that gay people exist in real life. But the character dynamics are a lot of fun, and there’s not enough of the fujoshi aspects to make me want to drop the series.

Is Wotakoi a BL?

Genre: Young Adult, New Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Sequential Art, Manga, Graphic Novels. Contains: Sexual Content, Crude Humour, BL, Crossdressing, Cosplay, Fujoshi, Gamer.

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