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Who does Pan end up with?

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Who does Pan end up with? Whatever the case, it’s never stated who Pan ends up with, nor is it stated whether Vegeta Jr is a descendant of Trunks or Bulla. A human male who isn’t Uub, Trunks loves Mai Pan’s nothing more than a little sister to him same as the the Goten/Paris situation. Pan, Bra, and Marron neither end up with the 3 guys.

How old is Goku in GT? Goku in Dragon Ball GT. At the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z, Goku had departed to train with Kid Buu’s good reincarnation Uub at the Lookout. Dragon Ball GT opens five years later, upon the completion of Uub’s training. This makes Goku physically 42 and chronologically 49.

Who is Pan’s husband? Pan (god)

Parentsmany variations including: Hermes and Driope, Aphrodite, or Penelope
ConsortSyrinx, Echo, Pitys
ChildrenSilenos, Iynx, Krotos, Xanthus (out of Twelve)
Roman equivalentFaunus

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How old is Pan in DBS?

Pan is three years old during the events of Super Hero, meaning the movie takes one to two years before the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament which concluded Toriyama’s original story.

Did Pan have a tail?

Pan was not seen with a tail either, and she’s 1/4 saiyan. It must be more common with half saiyans, but of course, since tails are a recessive trait, that doesn’t mean all half-saiyans will have tails.

Is Pan a Super Saiyan?

Pan as a Super Saiyan Pan has shown the ability to use this form after the defeat of Omega Shenron. It’s likely that she obtained the form sometime between Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball AF, as she states that she had begun training with Majuub in case a new threat surfaced.

What is Pan’s weakness?

Pan’s Most Common Attributes. His main strengths – he’s lusty and an able musician – are pretty much the same as his main weaknesses – he’s lusty and he likes loud music. In fact, he likes loud, chaotic noise in general.

Does Pan go Super Saiyan in GT?

When Morishita was asked about Pan’s avoidance of the form, the producer said the heroine never went Super Saiyan because Dragon Ball GT had a very specific role for her to fill.

Who was Pan in love with?

In Greek mythology, Pan fell in love with the beautiful nymph Syrinx, daughter of Ladon the river-god. Fleeing his attentions, Syrinx pleaded with Zeus to save her and just when Pan captured the wood nymph, Zeus turned her into reeds.

How old is Pan in Broly?

RoF, the Tournament of Destroyers and the Future Trunks Saga takes place in Age 779, of which Pan is first shown as a newborn during RoF. The ToP, Broly, Moro and the current manga arc take place in Age 780, which would put Pan at 1–2 years old by the current end of the anime version of Super and Broly.

Is Pan stronger than Goten?

Pan have the spirit but never in his or another life will surpass Gohan, Goten, Trunks and even less Goku or Vegeta. Even if they stop training. Pan is the daughter of a half Saiyan who is married to a human so the potential has dropped considerably. However, she will always be much stronger than a normal human.

How old is Pan in end of Z?

At the end of Z, you are correct in saying that Pan is 4 years old when she competes in the tournament.

Who is older Pan or bra?

Just to make it clear, it isn’t a plot hole in Battle of Gods. Officially Pan was born Age 779 whereas Bra was born 780. Pan is a whole year older than Bra.

Is Goku Jr Pan’s son?

Goku Jr. is not given a true percentage of Saiyan heritage in the Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files, and is simply labeled as a descendant of Goku and Pan. However, most of the English dubs state what everyone assumes, that he is Pan’s grandson and the great-great grandson of Goku, which would make him 1/16 Saiyan.

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