Who does Tenko have a crush on?

Who does Tenko have a crush on? During her second Free Time Event with Kaede, Tenko is directly confirmed to have romantic feelings for Himiko and attraction towards magic-users and idols in general, apparently having a tendency to dream about them.

Did Tenko have a crush on Rantaro? Headcanon: Tenko did have a crush on Rantaro instead of Himiko. She was afraid that people would find it out she pretend that she liked Himiko as a crush but actually she always liked Rantaro.

Why do people ship Rantaro and Tenko? The ship sailed as a result of people thinking that Rantaro could help ease Tenko’s hatred for men, considering his chill and brotherly personality. Plus, some people believe she might be helpful whilst Rantaro is looking for his sisters, considering Tenko’s attitude towards women.

Who is k1b0 crush? Miu is shown to have a romantic interest in K1-B0 but it’s currently unknown if K1-B0 knows about this admiration from Miu.

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What is Tenko in Japanese?

Tenkō (転向, literally, changing direction) is a Japanese term referring to the coerced ideological conversions of Japanese socialists and communists who, between 1925 and 1945, were induced to renounce leftist ideologies and enthusiastically embrace the Emperor-centric, capitalist, and imperialist ideology favored by …

What color is Tenko Chabashira hair?

She has rather thin, wavy, calf-length, dark olive-gray hair tinted with green, peculiarly styled in low twintails tied with white ribbons that bear resemblance to chain-like links, each tail divided into three bunches, each bunch split in the center, the rest of the tail left loose.

How old was Tenko?

As Mari, she guest-starred in the Denshi Sentai Denjiman episode 31 The Magician’s Battle of Secret Arts. The older Tenko died of heart disease on Decem at the age of 45.

What color is Tenko’s eyes?

Her eyes are a piercing ruby color with cat-like pupils. She has a light-blonde low ponytail that flows over her shoulder while her bangs are let loose. Tenko has slick foxtails that seep out from beneath her dress and pointy fox ears with golden earrings piercing them from the top.

Is Rantaro a protagonist?

This blog is for a NOT SPOILER FREE AU for the Danganronpa v3 killing game. In this au, Rantaro is the protagonist! All of these characters are canon characters from the game but they’re in different positions and therefore, we can have different character developments!

Why is Rantaro called an avocado?

In the Danganronpa fandom, it is a common joke about how Rantaro is an avocado due to the colour of his hair. In Angie’s report card, it states that she likes avocados, which some people jokingly interpret as Angie likes Rantaro. This connection caused some people to start shipping Amanaga.

Is Rantaro Amami alive?

He is murdered by Tsumugi Shirogane as she framed Kaede Akamatsu for his death. His true talent is later revealed to be the Ultimate Survivor.

Did Shuichi and Kaede do?

It’s heavily implied that Kaede and Shuichi had sex afterwards. In the Talent Development Plan, Kaede and Shuichi have several interactions that exhibits their school-life together and the close relationship between the two of them.

Why Tenko is a good character?

She also has a strong heart beneath her surface of hating men and being too obsessive. She’s really caring inside and cares about her friend specifically. She has her flaws but she really is a nice and normal girl inside, and she clearly shows that. Tenko is the Super High School Level Neo Aikido Master.

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