Who does Yūma Kuga like?

Who does Yūma Kuga like? Osamu Mikumo. Yūma admires Osamu for his honesty, sense of duty, and eagerness to help others at his own cost.

Does Osamu get a new trigger? It is a defensive Trigger, it has low strength but high durability, and is capable of shapeshifting. When he got promoted to B Rank, he got a new one with a significant strength difference compared to his original C-Rank Trigger, as Osamu was able to easily defeat a Bander.

Who is the villain in World Trigger? Masamune Kido ( 城 き 戸 と 正 むさ 宗 むね , Kido Masamune ?) is the commander-in-chief of Border, his actions made him the main antagonist of the Black Trigger Capture Arc.

Is replica Yuma’s trigger? Replica can use the powers of Yuma Kuga’s Black Trigger. He also seamlessly wraps himself over Yuma’s left arm when he activates the Black Trigger. Also, the Trion soldiers Replica creates (like the Rabbit he gated in to help Osamu in episode 31 “Osamu Mikumo’s Determination”) can also use Kuga’s trigger powers.

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Who is the most powerful character in World Trigger?

Aftokrator’s Viza Is the Strongest Enemy. However, there are plenty of Black Trigger users from Aftokrator, and all of them seem powerful enough to go up against Border agents, even Shinoda. According to Aftokrator soldiers, Viza is using the national treasure Trigger of Aftokrator, and he has the power to match it.

What rank is Yuma?

He is a young mysterious Neighbor Teen as well as one of the two ace attackers in the rookie B-Rank team of Tamakoma Second.

Does Osamu get Black Trigger?

Osamu and Chika will gain access to their own Black Triggers. Preferably by battling their original owners and winning.

Does Chika Amatori like Osamu?

Osamu Mikumo. She seems to respect him very much. His main motivation for joining border was to protect Chika for her brother. He was the only person she trusted after her brother’s disappearance and before she joined Border. He is always encouraging her, and they share a mutual trust.

Why was Hyuse left behind?

One of these children was Hyuse. House Ellin’s head was to be offered as a god, should a suitable candidate not be obtained. As this was Hyuse’s lord, Hyrein abandoned him in Meeden so that he would not attack Aftokrator if his master was chosen.

Does Tamakoma 2 Lose?

Arafune and Suwa being attacking Yūma, but Osamu appears to shoot the latter down, eliminating them, while the former Bails Out due to trion loss, giving Tamakoma Second the victory (6-2-1).

Who is stronger Jin or Tachikawa?

When asked who is stronger between the two, Shiori guesses probably Tachikawa is stronger. A few years ago, Tachikawa and Jin would rank first and second in battles, respectively. Because of Tachikawa’s proficiency with Kogetsu, Jin worked with engineers to create Scorpion.

Why is Yuma’s hair white?

Yūgo, finding Yūma’s wrecked body, created a Black Trigger: a ring. He then sealed the body of the dying Yūma inside the trigger, substituting it with a body made of trion (with which his hair is white); thus saving Yūma.

Does Yuma have two Trion bodies?

Yuma does not have a third body, he only has 2, the real body stored in the trigger and the trion body he lives with.

Did Yuma lose Replica?

Kuga Yuma does not get Replica back in the World Trigger manga as of chapter 206. However, he will get his chaperone (Replica) back in one piece by the end of Aftokrator away mission.

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